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WP Engine Vs Hostinger – Which is Better? Complete Guide 2021

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

If you are here means you are searching for the best hosting services. You understand that WP Engine and hostinger are top names in the market of hosting services. Here in this article I am going give you full guide and comparison chart on WP Engine vs Hostinger.

If you want to set your a successful website, which may be a blog website, affiliate website, or product selling website you need to choose the best hosting.

The negative consequences of selecting the wrong hosting may lead to the loss of income, negative SEO which affects ranking, speed of the website which affects traffic, or fear of malware and security attacks to your important data that you add to your website.

So, it is important to read about the best WordPress hosting of 2021, I hope you read that part and want to select your hosting very wisely but stuck on a point with two names which are – WP Engine and Hostinger

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Relax, I am not going to praise each website, you for sure get one clear winner and buy your dream hosting without lots of effort.

So, below we going to read about two companies which introductions are – 

WP Engine: One of the Best Hosting Service

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

This is a popular premium quality web hosting company which main service is to provide hosting for WordPress websites. As with the name, this is clear WP = WordPress.

If you do not understand WordPress then simple, consider this as a name of the software which gives a platform to run websites, almost 18% of world websites and blogs are using this platform for their website.

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Hostinger cheap and best hosting service


This is also a popular name of this market which started in 2002 in a small dorm room which now becomes a headquarters of this company in Houston with 7000 servers. 

This company consider all websites as their customer because they provide different types of hosting like VPS hosting, Shared hosting, Reseller and Dedicated hostings.

Overview of the service of Hostinger & WP Engine.

As we say both are branded names but if you talk about services and features which you get then we explain both companies once again in which you get impressive information about their services.

In this section, both companies try to impress you with their services information and achievements.


Overview of service for Hostinger

Hostinger is a company that starts in a small room and now powering 8 million websites with 24/7 customer care services and you able to talk in your local language because their offices are established in most of the counties.

It offers a wide variety of hosting options for your website. So, whether you are using a WordPress website or coding apart from all these whether you are using it for online earning, enterprises, or blogs you can choose according to your need.

This hosting also offers you risk-free services in which you can try this hosting for 45 days free of cost. When you become fully satisfied then only use this hosting otherwise request a full refund.

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WP Engine – Overview of service.

WP Engine is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers and they are one of the first company in the market which start offering WordPress-centric hosting. 

They are the choice of some big companies like – Asana, National Geographic, MyFitnessPal. 

Whether you are running a personal blog or an enterprise-level business this hosting claim to offer the perfect hosting options for your exciting website.

NOTE – Both the hosting companies are PCI compliant web hosting companies.

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Hostinger VS WP Engine – Their Uptime Report.

This is not a big point nowadays, but if you see 10-15 years ago then uptime is a big thing because very less amount of companies are available in the market who can offer perfect uptime.

“Uptime” is a technical term that means, the amount of time your website runs uninterrupted online. 

In more simple words when you visit any website through google search and that website is loading properly, then that website is uptime.

Sometimes the website goes down due to maintenance by the owner, security attacks, some technical problems from the hosting company, and power outages.

An example of a down website is – when you are searching the result of the official board exam on the official board website, and then you suffer the problem of slow website and website is not opening that situation is called downtime.

So, if you understand the above lines and able to understand what is uptime and downtime their advantages then the question is which of them are best.

WP Engine has one of the best uptime percentages in the hosting industry which is 99.99%, which means out of their 100 websites, 99.99 websites are uptime.

But Hostinger also offers a 99.99% of uptime service guarantee for shared, reseller, and WordPress hosting and they offer the same guarantee for VPS and dedicated server hosting but for a different geographical area.

If we tasted both hosting companies for 6 months.


WP Engine – When we use 10 websites for 6 months and all websites are from different parts of the world then we get 99% uptime, which means in the period of 6 months our website is down only for almost 5 hours.

Hostinger – When we use 10 different websites for 6 months from different parts of the world then we get 99.99% uptime, which means in the period of 6 months our website is down only for almost 4 hours.

Both the results are quite amazing in the period of 6-months the difference of 1 hour is nothing, so we can’t say that who is the winner this difference may come due to any natural factors also.

So, who is more apparent will confirm in the following sections as we more closely examine other factors.

Winner – Hostinger & WP Engine both.

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Hostinger VS WP Engine – Their Response time report.

When you are using the website then you must get some response from your viewers or customers. You need them they get your perfect impression. 

In this process, it is important to understand the response time of your website. It totally depends on your hosting provider.

This means if anyone clicks on your website link then how much time your website takes to open. That time is known as response time.

To test this we can use tools like Pingdom. It is used to monitor the page load time of the website and Load impact. To analyze how the server handles the traffic and what is the response when traffic increase. 

So, after using the Pingdom test, we analyzed that both websites are having good speed. Which is approx 691 ms for WP Engine and 592 MS for Hostinger.

When we send 100 virtual traffic and analyze through Load Impact by increasing traffic. Then the response of WP Engine is the same for 1st visitor and 100th visitor.

But, the Hostinger response is the same for 80 visitors but after that their response time starts reducing. We try this test in different geographical areas. Approx from 10 different regions and the truth is the same in all areas.

So, this is proved that response time is best in WP Engine.

Winner – WpEngine is the winner. While Hostinger Speed is also good but when we consider a high price. 

Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.

Hostinger Vs WP Engine – Ease of Use.

Since the WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting solution and their services are especially for WordPress websites, you can relax and they also assured that your server will be optimized for high performance. 

So, if you are using WP Engine then you did not have to think about technicalities of server optimization and in this way, WP Engine is running a little bit different from a traditional WordPress hosting platform. 

This means you are not allowed to install any plugin related to performance or security which helps to speed up your site because this company already set solutions for all performance and security.

On another hand, Hostinger is still using a traditional WordPress hosting platform and there are no plugin restrictions, unlike WP Engine.

You can download and install any plugin and use your website as you want with a simple traditional c-panel interface that is very easy to use for everyone.

As Hostinger is providing different web hosting services so you can also change your preferred way of the website in just one click.

Winner – Hostinger, WP Engine is also easy to use but their interface is a little new and confusing for new players and in restrictions of the plugin they do not restrict important plugins.

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Hostinger Vs WP Engine – whose features are best?

Hostinger offers a very big list of features, but you not able to understand most of the terms, in very simple language they offer some important features which are very useful for beginners, and the list about that is given below.

  • You get unmetered bandwidth.
  • 1-click installer of WordPress and any other platform which you need.
  • A website builder.
  • Free marketing credits worth $200, if your website needs marketing.

If you are using a basic plan then can host 1 website but if you increase your price a little then you can host unlimited websites.

You can also use unlimited emails and subdomains.

So, if you are a blogger or just starting your business through the website then this hosting company is giving you important services.

On the other hand, if you are using WP Engine then this offers everything which you need for your WordPress websites.

Some features like you can host one domain with a basic plan and if you increase the price then you can host more websites, high bandwidth and emails are common but some more features are available with this host which makes you a fan of their features. 

A small list of features are given below-

  • Free access to StudioPress themes – You get full access to 35+ high quality paid themes without any extra cost.
  • 1-click tool – You can download any tool like WordPress and any other in just one click.
  • You also get 1 click set up of development production, and staging environments.
  • High-performance guaranteed – WP Engine platform is powered by Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform which shows that those companies also trust them for their high performance.

 Winner – WP Engine. Hostinger is also providing the best features but only for those features that recognizableable for those who are very beginner and just starting with a website. Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.

Hostinger Vs WP Engine – Which is best in price.

Price is also an important and considerable feature for any type of investment. Yes! Hosting is one type of investment because through this website you want to earn more return on investment. 

In the different plans, you get different features, so it becomes important to judge both hosting companies and give you the best advice if you want to get the best hosting.

As Hostinger offers you different types of hosting, so their price is also different for different hostings. But they recommend Shared hosting for all beginners who just start their website to earn something.

So, the price of shared hosting of Hostinger costs $6.95 per month. 

In starting the price of hosting and domain may feel high but when you start earning then this is not a big amount for you.

On the other hand, the regular price of the WP Engine starts at $35 per month. If you want a monthly subscription, then you get 30% off and the price becomes $24.50 per month.

This company is my best in services but if you are new then I think you not able to afford WP Engine.

Winner – Hostinger, You can use WP Engine only when you are earning a well amount of money in a month.

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Hostinger Vs WP Engine – Customer Support.

This is also an important factor of any company which you can’t ignore and the simple answer is because if you are stuck in any problem that may be big or small, then the only thing which you need is guidance and that guidance is done well through customer support.

WP Engine can point multiple testimonials in which their customers shows that how the company is well, some testimonials are given below- 

In one testimonial one customer of WP Engine says that they get high speed and once their page loading speed drops to below 1 second, and became the fastest loading page.

In another testimonial, one customer of WP Engine says that their previous hosting is hacked not once but twice, and this hosting is very well in terms of security.

Many other testimonials are also available which proves that how WP Engine has developed a community of loyalty for the last several years.

Hostinger is also not back in customer support they also provide some points which are very useful for all customers.

Knowledge base with over 200 articles, through which you can solve most of the technical issues.

Hosting forums with more than 20,000 members who are eager to solve all your queries with perfect guidance.

Chat support is also available which is a very fast way to get answers to your simple question while using this Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.

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Recap of Hostinger Vs WP Engine.

Both the companies are best and if you want an exact answer then you have to understand why they have a different result in different tests.

Both the company are same if you see niche but if you go deep down then you understand both the companies are different in terms of features because their target audience is different.

The ideal customer of Hostinger is the person who wants to start their blog and wants to earn money online.

The ideal customer of WP Engine is the website that is fully established and earning a huge amount of money. That website is controlling an organization.

In simple words, if you are just a person who wants to earn money online and for that, you need a website. Here Hostinger easily becomes your best friend.

On the other hand, WP Engine targets specific customer segments such as developers, marketers, SMBs, agencies, and enterprises then WP Engine will easily become your best friend.

So, if you are focusing on development and design for your business then you can easily do this with features of WP Engine, if you want to market your website or products then also tools and features of WP Engine are best and their security gives full security to your business.

If you are just starting and want to earn good money through the website then Hostinger is the best option for you.

Buy Now and Get Minimum 70% off on Your annual Package of Hostinger hosting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on WP Engine Vs Hostinger

  1. Is WP Engine worth?

Yes! Only when you need hosting for business, enterprises, or marketing which not need maintenance from your side. If you are new or small in this field then you may like WP Engine in theory but not in pricing. Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.

  1. Is Hostinger good for WordPress?

Yes, WP Engine is entirely made for WordPress. Hostinger is also the best in this business and we highly recommend you this website if you just starting.

  1. Does WP Engine have cPanel?

The answer to this question is No!, WP Engine is not using a traditional form of Cpanel. Their Cpanel is easy to use but they do not provide a standard control panel like others. Instead of that, they use a proprietary control panel and that interface is also clean and intuitive.Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.

  1. Which is the best Hostinger or WP Engine?

There is no direct answer because both are for different audiences, so the answer depends on who is asking this question. 

If you are an owner of a business and need some tools while developing your website. You are busy in the marketing of your website then WP Engine will be best for you. Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.

If you are new in the field of hosting, website and online earning. Hostinger will be the best choice for you at less price. Buy Now and Get Minimum 70% off on Your annual Package of Hostinger hosting

Last Words. on best cheap hosting service

If you have reached this section then I think you have read the whole article carefully. Now you are ready to buy one of the above hostings.

So, before buy always remember both have good customer support and if you are an owner of the business or need a high-quality website that needs some tools or needs a guide to help in the maintenance of your website then Buy Now and Get Minimum 70% off on Your annual Package of Hostinger hosting

If you get some guidance and help from this article. If this article be able to solve your problem then not forget to share and comment on this article. Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.

One More thing, If you are not satisfied with above article then plse Check my Review of Bluehost. AS it is one of the best hosting services for wordpress blog.

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I’m Indian and by qualification, I’m a student but a passionate blogger and affiliate marketer by heart.

Currently, I’m working on many other affiliate blogs and earning a decent amount of money online from that.

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