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Top 10 ways to use Tubebuddy to scale your channel.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

If you are a video content creator on YouTube and stuck due to no views on your videos then this article is like a boon for you. Read this Tubebuddy review 2021.

Ever you think that why some YouTubers get tons of views even without writing the proper heading. 

On the other, you are investing hours for SEO of your video and still get 10-20 views.

Yes! This is confusing and makes youtube a puzzle game.

First of all, understand that YouTube is not just an application that is a mixture of social media and online earning. 

This is a business, yes YouTube is not more a social media application. Through this YouTube many peoples run their family living, you can also do this but only when you get enough traffic on your channel.

There are many so-called gurus are available all over the internet who teach you this method and that method to gain some traffic on your channel.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

But the truth is any trick works when your content is powerful. Yes, Tubebuddy is the application that can help you to grow your subscribers and also helps you to reach your targeted threshold but only when your content has some power.

So, before you read any steps to grow your channel or before joining any application must put your high focus on your content and make sure your content is for your audience not for you, because in the end content is the king, and this matters a lot.

What is Tubebuddy?

Before you choose this application for your YouTube channel it is important to understand what is the use of this application and what is this which you get through this Tubebuddy Review. 

So, Tubebuddy is the application, extension, and browser plugin which you can add with your email id and you can start noticing a list of tools above your YouTube dashboard when you open with that email id.

Tubebuddy is an extension that helps in online marketing or online promotion.

Tubebuddy does this by providing some tools for keyword research, choose the best tags which are relevant to your video, bulk info update card, you also get a comment in category wise, send bulk comment reply, and many more features.

Some features are for making your channel more attractive and some features are for making your best connection with your audience.

With Tubebuddy you can not only make your channel attractive but also research according to YouTube search optimization to increase the views. 

So, Tubebuddy helps to increase your search position and also gives you features through which you can make your videos attractive and this finally helps you to gain subscribers and views.

Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

Is Tubebuddy safe?

Yes, Tubebuddy is very safe to use because this is 100% YouTube certified and this is an extension of Google which you can download and your YouTube dashboard changed with 360°.

So, this is safe and easy for all peoples and you get all features above your YouTube dashboard and you can use it according to your need.

When you can add this tool to your YouTube and mix it with your hard work and good content then your channel grows dramatically and this changes your view.

What is the price of a tube buddy?

Tubebuddy starts at 9$ per month, but the free is available.

You can download this extension free of cost from Google and use it, but you get very less features but this also shows the impact on your YouTube channel. 

If you are just starting then Tubebuddy free version is more than enough and when you love the result and need some more features then go through a low plan which is 9$ per month and also go through a high plan which is $45 per month.

But the best part is if you are a beginner and your subscribers are less than 1000 then this tool reduces their price up to 50% for you.

Yes, if your subscribers are less than 1000 then you get Tubebuddy at $4.5 per month.

Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

Detail pricing. 

Detail pricing is another important factor of this tube buddy review that you do not want to ignore. 

This is the starting stage of YouTube, you can use this plan when you are just starting and you get very few features in this plan.

  • Pro plan – $9 per month.

This is the feature in which you get most of the important features, YouTube SEO tools, video access tools, productivity-increasing tools, and many more.

  • Star Plan – $19 per month.

This is the most recommend part in which you get all the automation tools to work fast, all SEO tools, Bulk processing tools, and this plan helps you to make your all task easy.

  • Legends Plan – $49 per month.

If you buy this plan then no one stops you until you reach millions of views. In this tool, you get some extra additional features like a/b testing and many more. Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

Top features of Tubebuddy.

There are lots of features in Tubebuddy approx 65 different features and you can’t ignore any feature.

If want to know all features then read this tube buddy review until the end.

You get very few features in the free version and a little more in the low plan and you get all features with additional support in the high price plan.

You use 65 different features to boost your YouTube channel. Some of the important and must be getting features are explained below. Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

1. Keyword explorer.

In today’s world if you want to grow online then you have to understand that what your audience is searching and that search term is known as a keyword.

If you get a keyword in which lots of people are searching but do not have good content then that stage becomes your turning point.

So, Tubebuddy helps you to find that keyword for which you are very busy, and this tool shows you on which keyword you should make a video and your competition level in your videos. Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

2. Suggest tags.

Believe it or not but tags help a lot in growing any YouTube channel. A good tag gives you lots of traffic.

Here, a good tag doesn’t mean a popular and irrelevant tag and a good tag means the tag which is relevant to your video and your audience is in search of that term. 

When you get this type of tag just use them but finding those tags are a very difficult job and this can be done by using Tubebuddy.

They suggest the best tags which relevant to your video, tags which your targeted audience is searching, tags that can increase your views.

So, if you want such tags that help to grow your channel then you must have to choose Tubebuddy.

Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

4. Advance Videolytics.

Reading Videolytics is very important to grow your career in video marketing or video creation.

With Tubebuddy review, it helps me understand that this tool gives you a spy eyes feature through which you can check your competitor’s videos tags, and on which search they get traffic and from where they get traffic and all these details help you to use those tags and share your video on those same platforms.

This is my favorite feature of Tubebuddy and this helps you in the fast growth of the YouTube channel. Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

4. The A/B testing feature.

This is another best feature which helps you to gain lots of millions of views.

This feature helps you to compare your video thumbnail, title, tags and in your dashboard, you can easily understand which thumbnail is getting enough clicks.

Later Tubebuddy also helps you by making a report on which you can easily compare your videos and check which video is more user-friendly and this helps you to make better content than before.

So, in a long run, this is the only feature that does not give you results in a few minutes or days but gives you noticeable gain in some months. Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

5. Bulk processing.

This feature helps you to save enough time to convert those time into money.

It is important to save lots of time which helps you to create the more valuable and best content.

In this feature you get these things in Bulk – 

  • Thumbnail change.
  • Title and description change.
  • Comment reply.
  • Update of the end screen.

So, if you can do all the above work in bulk in a single click then you can work more on your content and this helps you to grow your channel.

There are lots of features also available on Tubebuddy like comment moderation, emoticons, and many more which not only make your channel attractive but also help you to grow views organically.

Top 10 ways to use Tubebuddy to scale your YouTube channel.

This section is a very important section which I write after understanding about Tubebuddy review.

Below you get 10 impressive things that this tool can do.

  1. A user-friendly experience.

This is a very important part of any tool to make a user-friendly experience to understand all the features and uses of that tools.

If you are new in this field then don’t worry – you became familiar with video marketing when used to these tools.

Tubebuddy understands that many people want to grow their channel and wants to live their dream life through YouTube channel.

So, they treat you like a big influencer at every stage, when you work with this tool your experience was amazing and you also learn a lot about video marketing.

So, this is the first way to use this tool and that is through an excellent user-friendly interface.

  1. Learn through Tubebuddy.

If you are very new in this field then it may be difficult for you to learn how to make good content and how to use this tool over it.

But all new things need time, so be patient, and when I say that it means to be patient just learn this tool for a couple of days and when you understand all the features they use them and you see the meracial.

But patience is the game when you want success in YouTube and Google is your friend when you meet with any problem.

  1. Easy download.

The best way to use this extension is to find it on Google and not waste more time searching it and reading about it.

Just install it from Google extension which not hard work and use it practically to learn something from this which may help you in growing your channel. Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

  1. Use keyword explorer.

This is another best way to use this tool, if you are just installing it then first open keyword explorer and try to find some best keywords for your business.

If you want to grow online then the keyword is the term that has the potential to change your online career.

So, use Tubebuddy mostly or first for keyword research.

  1. Use for suggested tags and suggested tags.

Tags are also very important on YouTube. YouTube searches for the best videos to rank them according to their tags.

This tool helps you to find the best tags and this increases your YouTube channel views.

So, trust me after the good keyword research not forget to use this tool for suggestions of tags.

Must remember God tags means tags which search by peoples and also relevant to your video.

  1. Search ranking and audit.

This is another way through which you get success in YouTube with Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy gives you a report in which you get, from where your competitors are getting traffic, and which tag is used by them.

If you want to get success then you also have to consider your competitors.

In today’s world, you do not win any race by thinking that you work for yourself. You have to consider your competitors and for that, you have to check them and this tool helps you in that process.  Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

  1. Use in less price.

I know this tool is the best if you want success on youtube. 

But you have to learn this tool and this only happens when you use this tool enough time.

So, if you are new in this field then do not invest your money during the learning period. 

Try to use this as a free version and when you get a good result and understand all the features of this application then start using the paid version.

As with reading the Tubebuddy review, you can understand that this tool is not a fraud and reviews show that this tool is a must for YouTube success.

So, wait for the best time and then use this tool when you want.  Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

  1. Use the feature of A/B testing.

This is another best feature which I love, we invest our lots of time in video making and rarely compare them to check what is our weakness and what is the strength.

This process is a/b testing and through this process, you can compare thumbnail, font, title, description, tags, and check which is working with you and which is not.

If this type of testing helps you to make more wonderful content for your audience and stop you to make content for yourself and this is the key fact which helps you to grow your channel.

  1. Thumbnail generator from Tubebuddy.

If you tired off by using Photoshop and not want to take screenshots and paste in your video then this tool provide you some best-branded photos for all types of condition and also allow to edit fast any photo for your YouTube video.

  1. The best practice of this tool is video audit.

Many times there are some mistakes that happen and you not notice but before publish this tool check and give you a small report about some checklist and those are:- 

Pros & Cons of Tubebuddy.

From the rule of nature, nothing is perfect, so Tubebuddy is also not perfect.

Yes, through the Tubebuddy review you can understand that this is the best tool and always be the priority for all video creators and editors. 

But there are some pros and cons which you can’t ignore and all the points are given below.

Pros of Tubebuddy. 

Before any bad learn some more pros about Tubebuddy and these pros are region why this is at the top of the marketThe

  • The best tool whigivesive you a very high set of features.
  • Easy to use and have a different price for different peoples.
  • A free option is also available with plenty of features which is best for beginners.


There are some problems with this tool and all those problems are given below.

  • You have to buy a different subscription for different Chanel, yes one subscription for one Chanel.
  • For a little advanced feature, you have to pay, the free version is not good for success on YouTube.
  • No Android app is available you can only use this in your windows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After reading the whole tubebuddy review you must want to get some answers, then below you get all satisfaction. 

  1. How do I install Tubebuddy on chrome. Step by Step Guide?

Follow the steps given below to install this application in your chrome and the steps are the same for Mozilla Firefox.

1 – Visit the official website of Tubebuddy or visit the official website of chrome extension.

2 – If you are on the official website of Tubebuddy then click on “install free” and if you are on the chrome extension website then search for Tubebuddy extension.

3 – Click on add extension option.

4 – Click on your Tubebuddy icon and then sign-in by adding some important information.

5 – Installed Tubebuddy is ready for use.

Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

  1. What is Tubebuddy extension?

This is the extension that helps to grow your YouTube channel and this happens when you add this extension on your chrome and use all the features or tools given on that extension.

  1. How to get Tubebuddy for free?

This is a very easy, user-friendly, and important application that grows your youtube channel and the best part is you can use this tool for free of cost.

If you want Tubebuddy for free then visit the official website and you get the option of “install it for free”, just click on that option. Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

  1. Is Tubebuddy is safe for YouTube?

Yes, this is a safe and 100% YouTube certified extension which you can use to grow your YouTube channel.

  1. Is YouTube pro worth it?

Yes, this plan worth it because this plan gives you such an amazing feature which not left you low in subscribers and views.

So, if you want to get success in YouTube then with your content and hard work add this extension and your work is done. 

Last words Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

If you reach this section then I think you read the whole article carefully about the Tubebuddy review and understand what is Tubebuddy and its features Tubebuddy.

I think you understand what is Tubebuddy, is it safe, best features, price, ways to use, and many other things with pros and cons which make our Tubebuddy review complete. Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

If this article helps you then do not forget to give your valuable comment and must share this article as much as you can.

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