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Nowadays is a very crucial situation due to the Coronavirus so the consumer wants a safe service. They Prefer online service instead of offline service because of covide19. Today’s time is easy to set up an online store at this time, If anyone wants, they can easily set up their online store, So every shop owner wants to sell their product online.

The product that the customer can easily buy from anywhere, Such as dress, electronic products sports goods, jewelry, foods along with all kinds of vegetables, etc.

Online shopping increases every day, because of the beneficial service of online stores.

The advantage of an online store is:

advantage of an online store
  1.  Cost-effective
  2.  save time and effort
  3.  product comparison
  4.  freedom to choose
  5.  24×7 service
  6.  product tracking

If you look at the last five years, online shopping grows very fast. It will grow even future. Many store sellers want to sell their products online so they create an online shop/store. If you want to open an online store, then you must follow these 8 sources.

1- Get a Domain Name

 2-Creat a Logo

 3-Creat own website or online store

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

 5-marketing your online store

 6- search engine optimization

 7- Facebook ad campaign setup

 8- how to Develop your online business

Get a Domain Name :

Selecting a unique brand name or website name

 Whenever a customer wants to buy something online, He has to buy it by seeing the website name and brand name

What is the domain name?

Whenever you want to open a store/shop you must choose a name for your shop, like that when you create an online store/shop you have to choose a name for that, which is called the domain name. Through this domain name, customers can easily find your shop/store on the internet and they can easily buy your product. The domain name is a URL(Uniform Resources Locator)

Why it’s important

When a customer wants to buy something from a specific shop/store by their shop or store name that when a customer buys something from your online store, they need your domain address to reach your website or online store. So that domain is very important.

How to choose a domain name

You have to choose your domain name related to the products that you want to sell. For example- if you want to sell products of daily need then your domain name like or

To choose a domain name you can focus on 

 1. Choose a domain name that can easily remember and pronounced.

2. Choose a domain name relevant to your products.

3. Choose a domain name as an alike customer can believe as real.

To choose a domain name you can’t focus on

1. Don’t choose a name that’s too long

2. Don’t choose a domain name combination with number and letter.

3. Don’t choose a name that refers to a specific product

If you can’t choose a domain name for your online store then you go through different websites like,, and more.

How to buy a domain name

buy a domain name

Now-a-day easy to buy a domain name within 5 minutes from various websites like GoDaddy, Hostinger, Shopify, Hostgator, Namecheap, Sedo, Flippa Etc.

If you want to buy a domain name from the GoDaddy website

1. fist of all you have to search on Google

2. Go through the website and search for the domain name that you choose.

3. If it is available then click on add to cart

4. Creat your account through Facebook or Gmail

5. Then Check out the domain name and buy it

Create a Logo

To start an online shop or store you must create a logo because the logo is a visual impression of your business used to identify a website, online store, or shop, product, or brand.

How to Create a Logo

There are different types of tools to create an attractive logo for your business. Like,,,,

If you can’t create a logo from the above website then you can hire a freelancer to create your amazing logo.

Create their website or online store

What is a website

 collection of web pages is called a website. It is a location where a lot of web pages are present.

 You can design your web pages according to your products and categories your product to easily be accessed by the customer.

How to create an online store

To create an online store, different types of platforms are available like Spotify, GoDaddy reading template WooCommerce,, etc. 

 For example-

1. First of all you have to go to the website of

2. After that click on the get start button

3. You have to create an account with Wix by providing your Facebook id or Gmail Id or password. (if you don’t have any Gmail account or Facebook Id you can enter your email id and password for your Wix account)

 4. Then choose a good template for your online store and customize the website According to your products.

5. Add your products to the website, then you are ready to sell your products online.

Marketing your online store

Facebook page

 Before creating a Facebook page you must have a Facebook account.

     1. log in to your Facebook account

     2. Go to the page button (having a flag symbol) and click on create a new page

     3. Enter your business details and get your Facebook page.

     4. Upload your cover photo and profile picture

    5. You have to update something about your product every day

Today the reach of Facebook pages haven’t sufficient, so you have to pay Ad for your business.

 Instagram page and Twitter 

 It is also a platform to reach your products to customers. It is the best platform as compared to Facebook.

If you want to create your Instagram page or Twitter account for promoting your product, then you can use apps and websites by submitting some of your information.

Whether you want visitors/customers to your page or account, you have to stay active and post regularly engaging content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of getting a lot of visitors to your website by increasing the algorithm of search engine results.

What to do in SEO

SSL certificate set up (one time set up)

HTTPS setup (one time set up)

New blog post update (once in a while)

Title and description H1 tag optimization (once in a while)

Types of SEO

Searching Engine Optimization (SEO) is 3 types of search engine optimization first one is on-page SEO, the second one is off-page SEO and the last one is technical SEO.

On-page SEO

On-page search engine optimization factors all have to do with the element of a website (text, image, video) it’s included with text and visual content and user-friendliness website (mobile friendly).

On the page, SEO refers to the practice of optimizing webpage to help them rank higher in search engines. End of the day goal of which to increase organic traffic to your site.

The majority of on-page SEO advising to focus almost exclusively on the strategy of placement of same match keyword on your page keyword in the title, and meta description keyword in H1 tag and keyword in the alt tag, etc.

On the page, SEO consists of all the elements of SEO you can control best.

On-page, SEO process should be done even if you rank on the fast page on Google in the search result because SEO is an ongoing process.

Off-page SEO

Off-page, SEO drives traffic to your site from other sites through backlinks. Guest posts and Backlink are very important for off-page SEO.

If you will do it properly then you will get more traffic from your competitors.

The backlink is a link that connects your blog post to another blog post.

Post your blog on another website and get traffic from that through guest posts.

Technical SEO

The aspect of SEO is focused on how well search engine spiders can scroll your website and index your content.

 1. Technical SEO connect with search Console, Google analytics, tag manager, data studio.

 2. proper Site map submission

 3. Redirect(permanent 301)(additional domain redirect to the main website) 

 4. HTTP always

 5. Be responsive

 6. Speed (future fast)

 7. Error 404-page design

 8. UX

 9. Crowl budget

Facebook Ad campaign setup

Worldwide 2.60 billion users use Facebook, monthly. Facebook is now the leading social media platform, Now day 60 percent of people use Facebook. It is a big platform for all online sellers to reach their right customers through Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ad creation setup process to reach the right customer using paid As


Open your Facebook Ad Manager account and sign up with your Facebook account and then create your Facebook Ad Manager account.


Click on a new Ad campaign then go to a new campaign, campaign name, campaign details, campaign objective (reach traffic, engagement, apps install, lead generation brand awareness) then set your campaign budget optimization.


Go to a new Ad set and write your campaign name. Then you have to choose the Facebook page which you have to promote (connect Facebook page).

Set the budget and schedule (we can manage budget and Ad timing).

You have to create a target audience (you can customize age, profession, gender).

After that, you have to choose Ads auto-placement or manual placement ( auto-placement recommend).

You can run this Ad where ever you want.

 You can set Ad delivery

1. Reach (we serve you are As the maximum number of people)

2. Impression (reach the person as many as time possible)


Set your Ad name, after that, you have to select the main Facebook page where we want to run the Ad (connect your Instagram page).

 After that, you have to set an Ad format where we can add images, video, or some visual effects. (Carousel, single image or video, and slider show With multiplied image).

 You can create a creative Ad.


You can track your Ad performance conversion using Facebook pixel, app event, offline event.

Then it will go to review. If you haven’t any problem with your Ad, your Ad will run successfully then you can get the result from that.

How to develop online business/drive sell

If you think that your success in an online business is by getting a domain name and creating the website. Then you think wrong because if you think of success in online business then you need a good business strategy.

Online business means buying and selling goods and services through the internet. Under it has revolutionized the mode of delay with the insurance company, merchandise company, daily need Product companies, and so on.

 It includes concepts like e-banking, e-payment, e-trading, e-marketing. The concept of online business makes a country. The activity encompasses fully automating one’s business using worldwide Web technology (www).

The main idea behind the online business is to extend do business horizon not only to suppliers and but also directly to the consumer.

 Due to the widespread distribution of consumers in today’s economy, this can be accomplished through the use of the web.

buy automatic the whole business process who is Intel online exhibition of products taking an order and processing it is delivered to the end customer along with the associated flow of information and decision across the organization’s businessman can react fast to customer demands and keep market uncertainty to the rear minimum. this leads to a higher business turnover in a larger customer base resulting in higher income and profits for online businesses.

After the creation of a website, we need to increase our website visitor so we follow some startegy
1. Choosing how the product

You should have read the mindset of the customer to Choose of product. it means to understand to the customer what they want.

2. Different method of receiving payment

Now there are different payment methods, so you should give all types of payment methods otherwise you lose something.

3. Mean to deal with warranty and claim

Whenever a customer wants to buy a product, they always need your trust/faith and want some warranty of the product. So you should give some warranty and claim on your product otherwise customer haven’t interested in buying your products.

6. Method to reach and support customer (online customer service)

You should have customer service to serve customers and help customers to analyze your product and different issues. If a customer buys something from your product and they have some issue with buying your products and their quality .then they need your help and support to manage that.

7. Cross-selling and Up-selling


Up-selling is the practice in which a business tries to persuade a customer to purchase a high-end product in an upgrade or additional item to make a more rewarding sale. For instance, a salesperson main influences a customer into purchasing the newest version of an item rather than the less expensive current model by pointing out its additional features.


 A similar marketing technique for each cross-selling where the salesperson suggests the purchase of the additional product for sale. for example, he may say would you like some ice cream to get with that cake it is beneficial for a business to use both techniques to boost revenue and improve a valuable customer experience however research has so that upselling is generally more effective than cross-selling

You have to customize your website when a customer wants to buy a product at that time you have to suggest some product. For example, when a customer buys something from Flipkart or Amazon they suggest some product that is related to that product.

Features of online business/store

Online business is the process of doing business via the internet. In another word, it is the buying and selling of goods and services on the web or the internet.

Different features are as follow :

1. Anytime anywhere service :

 Internet technology is available anywhere anytime with 24-hour service across the world you can easily order through mobile and desktop.

2. Cost-effective:E

E-commerce transactions lead to a reduction in cost by sending the email etc.

3. Online marketing :

 It is buying and selling products online.

4. Way of information :

 important information about consumer needs can be gathered with the use of online business technology.

5. Effective advertisement :

 Your online store also gives a source of advertisement through the internet a seller can give information to the consumer about its product.

6. Instant service :

Provides of in service through which customers get information in second while sitting in home and office should be compulsory.

7. Multiple modes of business :

Your service should be a medium of interaction between C2C(customer to customer), B2B (business to business), B2C( business to customer).

You should be focused on the benefit of the customer from your online shop, so you follow the following demand

1. Available at anywhere anytime anyplace :

 you should be providing service to consumers 12 months a year and 24 hours a day across your locality.

2. Competitive rates :

 You should provide s service and goods to the customer at competitive rates compared to the rate of the different sellers within time visiting their website.

3. Better customer service :

 With your shop you should give a better and more efficient community with the customer can also enjoy the conversation of shopping at any time anywhere in the world.

4. Quick service :

Customers can receive relevant and detailed information in seconds from your store and whatever product you have, customer can clear their doubts.

5. Purchasing at home :

 In case the online store a customer is not required Tu To physically visit a shop or business house for buying and selling of product or service he can do exchange getting his/her home.

6. Easy interaction :

One of the benefits of the online shop is that it facilities easy interaction between the customer and seller. they can easily choose a product by going to your website and they can easily buy it.

7. Online shop revolutionary:

 Online selling is revolutionary each it has created new where to purchase goods while sitting at home or office good goods are sent directly to the customer from the business premises of the supplier.

It is revealed that you can easily open an online store by following the above steps. By highlighting the brand and name of your product, you can send your product to the customer in an easy way. Today’s youth is very interested to shop online due to more advantages. They get a good brand by comparing different websites and get Products at the minimum price and good quality. It is easy to pay through credit, debit card, and internet banking to purchase something.

In the digital world, most people use online shopping as their hobby. Every man wants him to buy some specific product from the online shop. That’s why we need to give the service of that product what is wanted by the customer. After buying a product online, you can give your feedback. The importance of buying online is time relevant, cost-effective, anytime anywhere service, and so on. So customers always need a safe and profitable deal they are should be able to create a customer lovely shop.

If you give a good service then the customer always gives you good feedback. That’s why online shopping has impressed the customer. Selling products online is the best platform to create a good interaction between seller And customer.

According to the Digital India Scheme 2015, a cashless system is the faster way to grow the economy of India. So the creation of an online shop is a small step to promote this scheme. All these sections show that India is getting a lot of profits from online shops.

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