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A step-by-step guide to Install WordPress on Contabo VPS

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Before we begin we need to understand why we are going to use VPS hosting and how we are going to install Contabo VPS server for your WordPress site using LAMP and Webmin.

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress

WordPress is the Most Powerful and most widely Used Content Management System called a CMS to build Websites effective immediately without any coding or prior technical knowledge.

What is Contabo VPS?

Contabo VPS basically stands for Virtual Private server that means you have your own server to upload your website’s files and folders to make them live on google publicly. Here you get your own space that does not contain any cpanel you can directly upload to a public server that is hosted somewhere.

Hosting Choices

Whenever if you are a developer or any non-technical or technical person and you want to deploy your websites on google to make it live you have mainly two choices like:

1. Prefer Linux Shared Hosting

If you are working with Linux and You want to install WordPress then you have lots of hosting providers out there like BlueHost, Hostinger, HostGator, GoDaddy they provide Shared Hosting among One Server to multiple users on it.

If you want to install WordPress on the hostinger panel, then you can easily manage your shared hosting with the Backend panel or Command-Line to directly upload your files and folders to make them live on the server.

2. Prefer VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is better than shared hosting because it provides your unique server space to upload your data related to websites with separate space on the server globally you can manage it easily and make your separate site data partition easily.

Which one do you prefer?

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

See Here we are not going into the depth of technicality but as per the Best server, you can definitely go with Contabo WordPress Hosting Which gives you Your Own server to deploy all your data easily and you can most effectively handle that data for client-side also. 

VPS Hosting does not provide any Cpanel to work with you can directly get your live server space to upload all of your data publicly on google for your website with the best performance rate.

Also if you are working with shared hosting you think the pricing packages of Shared hosting are cheaper as compare to Contabo VPS hosting then you are totally wrong because as compared to the 90% ratio all the contabo WordPress hosting packages are the same as shared hosting packages which are available at €4 Per Month.

Some of the Disadvantages are also there but you can easily tackle all that because of No Cpanel functionality so you have to configure all data manually step by step with all guidelines otherwise you can’t make it website live.

WordPress Installation on Contabo VPS

It’s time to set up our WordPress on Contabo VPS without Cpanel and all functionalities to deploy the website on the live server. Just tip of the context is that there are a lot of VPS providers out there not only the contabo VPS there is digital ocean also there to provide the same services related to WordPress VPS hosting.

First You have to buy a perfect domain name for your Website

You can find the best domain name providers on google like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google Domain, and many others with good prices. Buy a perfect domain name and get your site process started with that domain on contabo VPS hosting for WordPress. Connect your Site domain with Your VPS hosting First thing you have to find a domain manager in your hosting to add your domain name servers to bind up with your hosting and make it connected.

Let’s Start with Contabo

1. Search and Open Contabo VPS Hosting Website

Find the Contabo VPS Website on google and after browsing kindly click on the Contabo VPS Hosting and select Your desire packages out of that and get your resources ready for your site. You will get the cheapest and more powerful functions as compare to other hosting providers to work with this separate server provider of your own.

2. Setup VPS Settings

After that, you will prompt for Server Selection with a particular Ubuntu version selection that you want to install on your site. Contabo provides free install WordPress on VPS Ubuntu with higher resources and tools with an open-source operating system and storage area on their server which is globally installed at particular locations.

At last click on the Individual Reverse DNS in the section of DNS management

Now contabo prompts you for another additional service to add PTR Records for your site.

Add the PTR Records and it will take you to the payment and billing after successful billing you will get the email confirmation within 24 hours to set up your site data live.

And after that bingo! You have your own server.

Link Domain Name with VPS Hosting

Thus only, we’re getting to map the domain to our VPS ip address, therefore then we get the VPS and the WordPress web site throughout both domain name and the ip address.

Okay Friend, Today We’ve Got a Domain Name and Also a VPS Server. However, they’re not connected! Your VPS Server might be retrieved through the IP address which Contabo Team delivered you through email. But of course, we do not wish to gain access to our WordPress site through an IP address! We would like to utilize our domain to connect both of them and get access.

Managing DNS Records

Simple and easy steps to follow to manage the DNS records in the backend panel just find the DNS manager in your panel and identify records that start with @ that is your DNS Records followed by Hosting Providers Ip addresses.

WordPress Setup on VPS

Our host is ready for setup! You see, it is not that complex

Now you have to request for sign in by simply entering “root” as an individual, then put in your password that’s provided for you personally by email.

Connect with a VPS server with any SSH client such as putty. And let us start! Let us hook up with our host to begin our job out. Observe: while studying the password putty will show it for security reasons, however, It is there, simply type it!

Sign In into the Putty and Follow these steps:

Step-1: Create a MySQL Database and User on WordPress

WordPress basically uses the MySQL Database to store every kind of data which comes from the client and server-side but we already have LAMP Package that already has the MySQL Database it’s already available there to work with. 

Now Type this Command to login into MySQL Database

  • mysql -u root -p

Now Enter the Password on the password field that gives you admin access to the Database.

You have to create the database into the phpmyadmin panel and also separate the database for wordpress by following the query.

  • CREATE DATABASE wordpress DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci; (Semicolon at end is compulsory for MySQL)

Now you need to create a separate user for the MySQL database to create a working database to store all files and folders and all site data of your site. You can simply create a username for that database and give the public access to that database it’s called super user access.

After the creation of the user and mysql database simply just put their database username and database name into wordpress to link that database with your wordpress.

You can create user by using these commands and give it the access

  • CREATE USER ‘wordpressuser’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘Enter_Your_Password_Here’;
  • GRANT ALL ON wordpress.* TO ‘wordpressuser’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘enter_a_custom_password_here’;
  • EXIT

Step-2: Install PHP Add-ons

You can download initial extensions related to latest PHP version by applying following command

Sudo apt update

Now install the PHP Scripts to our wordpress for essential use and Most powerful extensions for better performance and reliability.

sudo apt install php-curl php-gdphp-mbstringphp-xml php-xmlrpcphp-soap php-intlphp-zip

After that we need to reload our apache server and web service to see the effect of the loaded extensions and get the latest WordPress Version work with.

Now Change the Directory Structure like this: cd /var/www/html

To Download and install latest version of wordpress kindly apply this command below:

curl -O

Extract the zip file like this

tar xzvf latest.tar.gz

Okay then now we have our server properly configured and the latest version of wordpress is downloaded and installed now we have to link this both together.

Step-3: Apply the Apache Settings

If you have the server and wordpress setup properly but you have to modify this change without fail because it contains the path of server files and configurations with that.

Now edit this path like this in the directory: /etc/apache2/sites-available/

Create one file on this called domain.conf(Simply put your domain name in the position of domain)

Now edit this empty file with below code paste that code on file and save it.

<VirtualHost *:80>


DocumentRoot /var/www/html/

ServerName domain

ServerAlias domain

<Directory /var/www/html/>

        Options +FollowSymlinks

AllowOverride All

        Require all granted


ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/error.log

CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined


Step-4 : Apache Configuration and Restart Web Service

If you want to finish your setup properly and you want to see all of your changes on the configuration, then type this following commands:

  • sudo a2ensite domain.conf
  • sudo a2enmod rewrite
  • sudosystemctl restart apache2.service

Step-5: Setup WordPress Directory

One of those huge things we will need to perform is establishing reasonable file permissions and ownership. Before we start WordPress in the browser and then finish the setup, we will need to correct a number of items inside our WordPress directory.

Fixing the Ownership and Permissions

We are going, to begin with, to give ownership of the files into this www-data user and category. This is actually the consumer which the Apache webserver runs as, and Apache will have in order to browse and write WordPress files as a way to function the site and also carry out automatic upgrades.

Enhance the ownership privileges with this following line of code:

sudochown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html

Now it’s time to setup permissions for each directories it’s not that complicated as you seen before just hit these commands:

  • sudo find /var/www/html/ -type d -exec chmod 750 {} \;
  • sudo find /var/www/html/ -type f -exec chmod 640 {} \;

Now it’s time to edit our configuration File

WordPress stores the all settings and site metadata into one configuration file called wp-config.php and we need to edit this file to apply some secrets key into that file here we are using the putty again to generate secret keys by following line of code:

curl -s

Now after the successful generation of secret keys you will have to go for the next step to configure directly to the web server online using the web interface.

Step-6: Last step to Connect with the web interface directly

If you completed the configuration changes into a wp-config file, then you can connect with your domain name through the server directly into your browser and apply changes like this:

Now you will get prompted to the WordPress admin dashboard kindly select the language you want after that you will have to register yourself into WordPress and get your things done and login into the WordPress admin panel with your username and password after that you’re redirected to the main dashboard.

In the main Dashboard of WordPress, you will find various plugins and themes using that you can choose some attractive themes out of lots of themes and you can create some cool site stuff with that.

Plugins are providing additional boost up features to create your site instantly with the use of different shortcodes and blocks of sections also you can manage each one by plugin manager area and suppose you want to create a blog site then you can easily post your articles directly with the media and with the use of post features that is available in the WordPress by default.

Advantages of using WordPress

One of the major advantages of using WordPress is because it’s totally free of cost and open source platform available for all and there is no coding background required to create any site on WordPress you can easily manage all your stuff off-site with just one click and also make your site attractive as you want with various themes and sections.

Employing a VPS can be actually really just a major jump if you have just experienced shared-hosting earlier. Luckily, most dependable internet hosts maintain the ability simply. In the event you never desire to address using the control line to personalize your VPS, then odds are your provider is going to possess the tools that will assist you.

Bearing that in mind, you will find two methods to begin establishing WordPress to a VPS. Many VPS services supply you with one-click installation selections for hot programs like WordPress or you also can certainly do so by hand. The latter procedure takes you to actually really become comfortable with the command line, however, it is simple enough for those who understand exactly what to follow along.

Now the Solution is already defined Can you install WordPress without Cpanel?

Answer is Yes!! You can install wordpress without cpanel with latest version of wordpress like 5.2.2 using contabo vps hosting solution and also you can setup your  

Databases with mysql and link them together and make some wonderful website and blogging stuff.

There are lots of techniques to create a site. The simplest approach would be to order one by a custom site design solution like WordPress. But if your budget is restricted, or in case the arrangement of one’s possible internet site isn’t overly complicated, you may work with a Content Management System (CMS) to run and design the site with no expert assistance.

All you have to do to develop a site with WP is always to purchase decent hosting and then install relevant computer software on the digital drive contained in your hosting plan. Concerning simplicity, many web-masters counsel WordPress, and it is among the very well-known CMSs on the internet. WordPress is simple to work with, allows consumers to handle this information of their internet sites through a handy interface, also contains lots of amazing topics, add-ons, and plugins which is likely to make your site both convenient and attractive.

WordPress is simple to work with

Also, you can generate revenue from your site by applying some advertising quotient into it, and also you can track your global site usage with one of the most powerful analytical platforms like google analytics, Hubspot, etc. you can also track your site storage usage, its performance towards the users and its internal modification.

Also if you have multiple users on your site then you can easily grant separate access to each one with User role like admin, instructor, etc. to maintain site privacy and also you can secure your site by attaching an SSL certificate to it to prevent some unwanted intruders and also it will give you powerful performance on the google to rank easily.

One of the major factors in the building of a website is you have to apply some tactics related to SEO you have to do some on-page SEO and off-page SEO with some blog post and maintain the data integrity over it also find some suitable hosting providers and domain names which is easy to remember and also get some organic traffic across the globe to rank easily on the first page of google.

Is there any drawback to hosting? (without Cpanel)

As we see there are lots of hosting providers out there that provide various kinds of hosting like Linux shared hosting and cloud hosting, web hosting, VPS hosting, etc. But some companies of hosting providers do not prefer to give backend cpanel in the package of Linux shared hosting. So what you do at that time that’s why we are providing this guide to understand the command line scenario which is not that complicated to understand to deploy your site on the live server.

Sometimes it’s difficult to follow some extra steps that we carried out while deploying the website on the live server if you don’t have the prior technical knowledge and you are trying to mess with some other scripting stuff at a time of site creation and deployment then you will get trouble in the future because if the site is not properly configured with the server then you will not gain the global access on the google while you are trying to reach at one end of your domain name using your domain link.

These are the precautions you have to follow understands the whole scenario step by step and follow all the steps properly that mention above and you can also run the testing phase with one dummy content if you are learning how to install WordPress then you can easily find your best match with WordPress VPS setup and installation free with this blog and make your things done instantly.


Here we conclude that as per the various hosting providers you can easily find your best match which is suitable to setup contabo VPS hosting easily with WordPress in this blog we tried our best foot forward to make these steps easier for you to understands and follow them on reliable fashion and we hope you will make some good stuff out of it and refer your friends to use contabo VPS hosting as a hosting solution. And also you can grab the best deals nowadays because hosting providers are giving the best storage space on buying of longer timespan hosting solutions like VPS hosting for a year or 5 years you can grab that chance as per your cost-friendly desire.

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