How to Rank Your New Website on Google.

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“How to rank a website” is the most search term if you are interested in digital marketing, online earning, online business, Blogging, like these words.

But the question is why?

The answer is ranking higher in Google is the main principle behind the success of any online business.

What if you are not online.

If you are doing business and you are not online then you are running back with time and these types of businesses die without warning.

If you are related to online and have a website but not gaining traffic.

Gaining profitable traffic to any website is not an easy job, you have to wait with good patience and work as hard as your competitors are doing.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

We talk about traffic tips and processes in another one.

What is the ranking process of Google?

At the beginning of this digital revolution, when everyone is not attached to Google then ranking is just like a game.

You just have to put some keywords which are related to your topic and your website gains a good ranking position and boom! Traffic is yours.

But this is 2021, lots of websites rise the competition in ranking and now Google searches for the best website to give a high ranking position.

What! your website is the best one.

If your website is best then also you not able to rank, then you are in the right place, because it is important to understand what is the meaning of the best website in front of Google’s eyes.

A website that provides good services or good product quality is good.

But you are not able to rank by only consider your product.

No! Keyword stuffing and backlink are not a reason.

Yes putting keywords in a right place and having a good quality backlink make your website best and Google consider it best also but there is a word called ‘algorithm’.

According to the famous website Moz, Google updates more than 300 algorithms or rules to rank per year.

Algorithms are some set of rules on which Google bots decide which website is best for their ranking.

There are more than 1000 updates that happed and still, lots of updates are running every year.

Some Google professionals like John Mueller announced some top updates like – Penguin update of Google, Hummingbird update of Google, and many more.

Then what do I mean to say?

I want to say that with perfect quality of content you also have to work according to Google’s algorithms.

And the funny part is no one knows what is the exact algorithm of ranking in Google.


Some ways are just like a proven trick to rank on google.

Before you learn those tricks understand the motive behind changing Google’s algorithms.

Google’s motive is to organize all the information from all the fields and make it accessible to all people.

The information is organized by websites.

Then understand if you work in Google then you never want to organize bad information.

So, if Google does any type of update in their algorithm is only to organize the best quality content hence website which has the best quality content rank higher. 

This information is for people, so if your website provides high-quality content then you are able to rank high.

Then the question is how you check you reach the phase of high-quality content or not.

The simple answer is through your competitors.

Check your competitors to rank higher.

Check your competitor’s article is the best way to rank but, how you do this.

The most simple way to use some tools like –

  • Ahref
  • MOZ
  • Rank Trackers
  • DYNO Mapper.

We talk about each below.

Another is a free way to rank on google and to understand that read on.

Just search your keyword for which you want to rank on google.

Click on the first five websites and read their information and if you think you can provide more information than their websites then you write your article and you are able to beat them in the ranking.

In simple words try to give tons of information from start to the end in one article.

This is a robotic world, so you can’t make Google a fool by just adding lots of keywords in your article.

Famous digital marketer – Nile Patel, had proved it by writing an article without adding a single keyword.

Yes! There are lots of websites on google in 2021, which rank in the first position without adding a single keyword only based on their high-quality content.

In most simple language the meaning of a high-quality article is to add as much information as you can in a single article from starting to the end.

So, if you want to write a high-quality article then add what is the history, present, and future, with uses, types, FAQs, and content according to LSI keywords.

We talk about LSI below.

Another point that you must keep in your mind before the start of this ranking journey is the intent.

The definition of high-quality content is not to write only long articles.

Understanding the intent of searchers is also important.

For example – if you write an article on “how to login Facebook”.

If you start your article and write a history of Facebook, present of Facebook, future of Facebook, how to log in, how to run, how to use, merits, demerits, and all other points.

Here, you cover the “how to login Facebook” topic but your website is not able to rank.

The answer is to understand the intent of searchers – means for what purpose the searcher searches this keyword on google.

Google takes the intent of its users very very seriously.

This means from the keyword “how to login Facebook” you are easily able to understand that searcher wants to log in to his/her Facebook account.

He is not in a mood to read the longest article which demands to be the best in the market.

You have to understand the simple concept of ranking, which consists of two points.

  • For what you want to rank, means your keywords – you have to decide it.
  • What your users want when they search that keyword.

First, you have to write the answer which your user is searching and after that answer, you can write some additional information which makes your article is the longest and make it the best of the market.

If you understand the concept behind which Google is working and if everything about the intent process and algorithms is clear then you have to understand some points which help your article to rank high.

Listen, ranking is done by robots and robots are working on predefined principles.

So, it is important to understand all those predefined principles of Google bots, and that term is known as on-page SEO.

Below you get some steps that boost your ranking on Google.

Increase your on-site SEO.

On-site SEO or on-page SEO, means a process through which you make your website user-friendly.

Why this is important?

Because all the information which you publish on your website is for humans.

Google also prefers those websites that take on the site or page SEO seriously.

How to do On-page SEO?

This is the process of adding your keyword in a perfect place like –

  • Just add your main keyword in Tittle.
  • Must add the main keyword in the permalink or link of your article.
  • Just add your main keyword in the Meta tag.
  • Must your main keyword in starting of the article and then end of the article.
  • Use user-friendly text font and theme of your website with an accessible menu.
  • Write full detailed information in a minimum of 1000 words or more.
  • Add LSI keywords to your article or page.

If you want to rank on google then LSI keywords are the most important point which you can’t afford to ignore.

As I said earlier in this article that ranking is checked by Google bots and Google understands that this article gives all types of information in detail through LSI keywords.

What are LSI keywords?

LSI keywords are the keywords that you get in suggestions on Google.

This means, when you search on Google then you get some suggestions at the last of the page, if you add those suggestions in your article then your article rises one step forward in the ranking.

Adding LSI keywords is part of advanced On-page SEO and trust me this works great.

All the words related to your main keyword is work as LSI keywords, so add lots of LSIs.

If you add those LSI keywords in subheadings and a little bit in articles then the chances of ranking on Google increase.

Monitor your ranking.

Understanding your competitors is also a very important factor in Google’s ranking.

You believe it or not but it is like a race and one of the ways to win any race is to consider who fast your competitor is running.

What you get when you monitor your competitor.

  • Get some keywords on which your competitors are not working.
  • You get some topics on which your competitors write fewer words.
  • Get places from where your competitors get backlinks.
  • You can make your strategy according to your competitor’s website performance.

But how you can monitor your competitor’s website.

First, you are able to do this by working hard and making a note of your competitor’s website and their behavior.

Which is almost impossible or very hard to do.

Second, you can use some awesome tools about which we discussed below.

Build Backlinks.

Building backlinks are another important building block of a top-ranked website.

Yes, matching the searcher’s intent and insanely high-quality content work, but can’t ignore the power of backlink.

You can’t just publish the content and starting praying for ranking on Google.

Listen, according to one research, there are more than 60 million websites that publish their content on regular basis.

Then your high-quality content is just like a drop in an ocean of content and website posts.

You have to link your content with other famous articles or pages because when you connect with famous websites you automatically get recognizable traffic.

How you can connect with famous websites?

When you write good quality content and add something creative and new in your article then everyone wants to show that,

so you just contact those websites and say to them that your content is best to request them to show this high-quality content to their readers.

If your content is insanely high quality then almost all websites are ready to show this to their audience,

in some rare cases, they may charge money and all in your hand.

There are some other ways also available for making backlinks because making a good quality backlink is another chapter and we talk about that another time.

But the current question is how you understand which is the best website for your article or page.

The best and easiest answer is through the tools.

You must understand all the points then make your high-quality content which must be more than 1000 words and write all types of information from start to end in one article and also keep searcher intent in mind.

If your article meet searcher intent and enough long detailed information become ready then check your On-page SEO and after publish try to make good quality backlink.

You still have some problems in how to search perfect rankable keywords, how to track competitors,

how to monitor the success of different keywords, how to find backlinks then for all solutions you need an awesome tool and about that given below.

Best tools to rank on google.

Best tools to rank on google

Google, ranking, and earning are the terms of a very big market, and this leads to industry.

The terms and points are enough to lose you in the market of this industry.

There are lots of tools available in the market to solve all your queries related to how to rank on google.

But finding the best tool is also needs some experience and from my experience, I give you a list of the top 4 tools which boost your ranking.

You can buy all tools but if you ask me then I recommend buy any one of them and your work is done.

1. Ahref.

This is one of the famous tools whose name is enough to show its ability and performance.

According to some high-profile professional bloggers and digital marketers, Ahref is a compulsory tool if you want to enter this field.

They are right also.

Ahref is a big company and the best ability of this company is to provide such a tool that is best in all fields for digital marketing.

If you want to do keyword research then this tool gives you the best result and you are able to find less competitive and high-volume keywords in less than a minute.

Now, you want to track your competitor’s articles to check the ranking possibility.

 You able to understand what they are written this tool provides you facility through which you can check the articles of top websites and compare your article with them to find which is the best and what is missing.

Now you want to know where you get good backlinks.

This tool tells you from where your competitor is getting a backlink and you also follow the same step.

2. MOZ

This is another famous name of this field, this tool is also important if you want to rank your website fast.

This tool provides Domain analysis, Keyword research & crawl, Backlink Research, Rank Tracking, and SEO toolbar.

This is like a toolbox for the SEO of your website. If you want to rank your website then this tool helps you in all the above works.

Also, this tool provides business listings audits and this is the feature not given in Ahref.

So, if you are doing marketing then this tool is more preferable then Ahref.

3. Rank Tracker

This is also a famous tool that gets its name with its specialty in rank tracking.

This means if you want to track the rank on a search engine page according to different keywords then rank Tracker is the tool that can provide you best experience.

All the above tools provide you with limited Keyword research in one day, but this is the best point of Rank Tracker that you can research unlimited keywords.

This is a tool which is using by almost 2 million websites, so you can trust them.

4. DYNO Mapper

This is another tool that can work to rank your website higher on google.

This is the only tool that generates a visual sitemap for each search.

This tool automatically pulls your keywords from the meta tag of your website and you are able to check all your competitors and their sites.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to rank in the first position of google?

This is not easy work you need to be patient, first write an article longer than your competitors, add keywords and do on-page SEO then make good quality backlinks.

How to rank on google?

There are some steps which must check-in you want to rank on google are:-

  • Write high-quality content with proper SEO.
  • Increase the user experience of your website by choosing a user-friendly theme and set an easy menu.
  • Optimize all the images and videos by compressing and adding alt text.
  • Do proper on-page SEO.
  • Get more backlinks from the relatable source.
  • Improve your website page speed and try to decrease bounce rate.

How do I increase visibility on Google?

This is important for any online business and also important to gain some free traffic from Google, some steps or hacks are given below.

  • Build high-quality backlinks from big and famous websites.
  • Add internal link and outbound link.
  • Update site speed, which less weight theme.
  • Optimize for long-tail keywords and try to write a detailed article on high volume less competitive long-tail keywords.

Why my site is not ranking on Google?

If you write high-quality content and write more detailed and long articles as compared to your competitors then also your website is not ranking.

Then time, content length, and promotion are all important factors.

If your content length and quality are good then focus on promotion which includes social media shares and connect with other websites that are backlinks.

Work on content and promotion then according to the time your website starts ranking on Google.

Last words

If you reach this section of the article means you read each topic carefully and I think you understand all concept of ranking on Google.

Listen understand your audience and search the intent behind the keywords helps you to think that how to write an article.

The size of your competitor’s article shows you when to stop writing, you have to write more than your competitors.

Contact big website owners and try to connect your article with them and this attracts the attention of Google towards you.

All the above points are difficult then you make all these steps short by using some tools and about that tool I discussed in brief, but thinking that you understand.

If you are in hurry, then my recommendation goes with the Ahref tool, this is the tool that is the current best tool for keyword research, SEO, and backlink research.

This article seems helpful and you get a satisfactory answer to all your queries related to how to rank on google then do not forget to share and leave a valuable comment below.

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