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Top 10 Legal Ways to Earn Money Online that works in 2021

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

We’re living in an advanced time, where fast mechanical change is business as usual, and it’s simpler to figure out how to earn money online like never before previously. The world moves to the on-request economy of the person, which presents phenomenal open doors for the business venture, abundance creation, work from home online positions, and time opportunity.

Consider the big picture of how to Earn Money Online

You could utilize a stage Flexjobs to get a far-off line of work immediately and land some independent position. Next, use Airbnb to have your place or remain in another nation for quite a long time. How to earn money online, and you can do this while likely setting aside cash contrasted with your present lease. New open doors are all over the place.

Most of how to earn money online articles are as yet discussing more established strategies.

This article gives 21+ future approaches to bring in cash online with things like social venture organizations, omnichannel web-based business, drones, Amazon Alexa, Airbnb, chatbots, and then some.

How to make Money online practically these techniques are FREE and require NO Investment (several of them may need a little starting venture)

So let’s Begin.

Become a High-Paid Remote Freelancer to earn money online

 High-Paid Remote Freelancer to earn money online

Distant positions are prevalent nowadays. If you have computerized aptitudes, you can begin with a lucrative independent profession on the web. How to make money online once you join, you can see their far off employment sheets across a wide range of ventures:

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Regardless of your experience level or industry foundation, there are many far-off outsourcing occupations on Flexjobs. What’s more, you don’t have to stop there. Why not in uence your remote independent work to begin your own far-off business?

For example, how to earn money online in India without investment, you can assemble an organization of menial helpers and use worksheets to select customers. Is it accurate to say that you are experiencing difficulty in finding the correct representatives? Or, on the other hand, possibly you don’t know you have enough information, experience, or cash to maintain a business all alone? Step by step How to make money online lets you discover the two representatives and a fellow benefactor to band together through CoFoundersLab. You can even pick up all the upsides of running your organization without dispatching an independent business.

Instructions How to earn money online in India Freelance locales like Upwork and Flexjobs empower individuals to make full-time pay online without looking for customers. Furthermore, the positions accessible cover a broad reach, including visual computerization, logo configuration, website composition, infographics, voiceovers, and that’s just the beginning.

Another alternative is Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk), which permits you to

 nish manual microtasks for entrepreneurs everywhere in the world.

These are the ways to make money on Fiverr, Flexjobs, and Upwork:

Use advertising programming to get paid.

There is a wide range of Traffic age programming that you can use for a couple of moments to advance customers’ locales. If the product doesn’t take a lot of work to set up, you can make $5 for as meager as a moment. That prompts a gross pace of $300 60 minutes.

Offer digital books or reports you’ve composed.

The majority of the administrations on Fiverr necessitate that you chip away at custom employment to get paid. As such, the customer sends you particulars, and you produce new materials dependent on those determinations. One of my most loved methods of earning money online turns that plan of action on its head. The most effective way to bring in cash online Instead of you chipping away at new materials for each $5 request that comes to your direction, you can rather compose a book or report once and sell it over and over to various clients. Step by step how to make money online as long as you illuminate that you’re not selling resale rights to your work and that you hold all copyright, you should be all set.

Compose an audit

If you are a quick essayist and can take out a 400-word survey in under 12 or 10 minutes, this can be an incredible gig to offer. The most effective method to How to earn money online in India People consistently need surveys since buyers frequently purchase items or administrations after perusing an audit.


  • You don’t have to become familiar with any intricate instrument or strategy; you can bring in cash from the abilities that you have
  • No venture and brisk returns


  • Competition is high, so getting undertakings may be troublesome if you are a beginner.
  • Not aloof, in the end, you are selling your time for cash.

1. Start a Blog The Right Way.

You’ll see about this rundown because there is a massive load of strategies to look over, with individual thoughts getting more cash than others. In all actuality, automated revenue is a fantasy – you generally need to crush, hustle, and make a substantial effort to bring in genuine cash. Upon the distant outcome that you search for data on the best way to how to earn money online and start a blog, most high-positioning articles from influential bloggers about “bringing in cash on the web” include thoughts like online studies, flag advertisements, being a remote helper, mystery shopping, or opening Money back charge card.

95% of bloggers are falling at since they follow obsolete contributing to a blog exhortation.

This direction is composed to rank on Google and prize similar Influencers who’ve been expressing very similar things throughout the previous five years and how to Earn Money Online.

Consider the possibility that you’re beginning and need to bring in cash this year.

Consider the possibility that you need to begin making $10,000/month within 90 days, not three years.

These seven famous approaches to bring in cash writing for a blog:

  • Offering on the web course and workshops
  • Writing books and eBooks
  • Affiliate showcasing (suggesting items and administrations in return for a commission)
  • Blog promotions
  • Speaking at gatherings
  • Offering your skill as an expert or mentor
  • Selling independent administrations, for example, composing, planning, and programming

Here’s how to begin:

  • Visit and snap Get Started.
  • Choose the facilitating plan you need ($2.95/month is 63% off through my connection).
  • Either enter another area name or pick a space you effectively own.
  • Enter your record data and charging data.
  • You can deselect Sitelock Security and Codeguard Basic.

Indeed, you can begin your blog as a side venture. Step by step How to make money online; indeed, you can gradually develop it out of sight. Indeed, you can transform your blog into a wellspring of inactive, full-time pay that, in the end, allows you to leave your place of employment, travel, invest a great deal of energy with your family, anything you desire to do.

How to earn money online yet like anything advantageous, its persistent effort arriving.

You need to contemplate. Practice. Expert your art. Put in a great deal of work. Hustle.


Anyone can do this. Simple to begin and scale

  • There is no restriction to the measure of cash you can make. Numerous online bloggers are, in any event, making one crore/month.
  • You become a smaller than average online big name.


  • Driving Traffic from Google requires some investment (around 3-6 months)
  • Writing articles probably won’t be appreciated by everybody.

Create a Niche Blog for Affiliate Marketing and Digital Products.

Beginning a blog isn’t new counsel. Yet, the customary way to wealth suggests dispatching a blog, developing your Traffic, and adding Google AdSense promotions on your webpage. Indeed, this technique can work, yet advertisements can be irritating to your crowd whenever abused, which is why countless individuals use advertising hindering apparatuses. Some offshoot programs pay per lead. How to earn money online in India If your webpage has relevant Traffic in the account or home improvement specialties, vast numbers of these organizations will pay for the drives you send them. For instance, material organizations and different temporary workers are continually searching for new nearby clients.

However, it can likewise be the most challenging thing on the off chance that you choose to go into associate advertising, and you have not done what’s needed examination. How to earn money online Affiliate promoting is tied in with producing huge loads of benefits with no exertion, correct? In each case, that is the point that a fast Google search would have you accept, however obviously, the fact of the matter is somewhat more intricate than that.

Indeed, you can bring in cash through member showcasing. How to make money online Affiliate promoting is the point at which an online retailer pays you a commission for Traffic or deals created from your references.

Here is How Affiliate marketing works:

For the present, you need to know the nuts and bolts of how partner promoting functions:

You prescribe an item or administration to your adherents through your site, blog, or email list.

Your devotees buy the item or administration utilizing your associate connection.

You get paid a commission for the deals made utilizing your offshoot interface.

Picking the correct stage

Numerous individuals discussing member promoting will advise you to join stages like Click bank. Yet, No, don’t do that. Why? Projects like Click bank have so much rivalry, and you would genuinely battle to make only one deal. How to make money online You can join Click Bank if you have your site with a great deal of traffic or on the off chance that you are an influencer.


  • One of my top pick and most prescribed approaches to bring in cash on the web.
  • It’s anything but dif cult to begin, and you will start bringing in cash from only the second month itself.
  • You can even sell your site for 10x the benefit. So suppose that you are making INR 50,000/month from your subsidiary site; at that point, you can undoubtedly sell it for INR 5,00,000 whenever you need.


  • You should dominate SEO (site design improvement). Since 80% of your traffic will be coming from Google list items
  • I might be mistaken for a few.
  • Increasing rivalry, so begin doing it as quickly as time permits.

Share Your Knowledge to an Online Course Audience.

Covering the away occasion that you have picked up important information that can help other people, you would now be able to acquire payment. How to Make Money online No issue what your subject matter is, online courses are filling sought after for experts and organizations the same. Workable alone has more than 7 million enrolled understudies.

Online course stages like Thinking permit you to distribute an online course about anything you need. You can show individuals how to Earn Money Online and compose, do their assessments, complete fundamental vehicle fixes, or even master developing business sectors like directing robots. What’s more, when the course dispatches, your understudy will pay you, and you’ve constructed yourself a flood of pay. You can likewise give web-based instructing and counseling administrations to bring in cash on the web. How to earn money online in India With a conferencing stage like Zoom, or even a private  Facebook gathering and Facebook Live, you can share your insight and mastery one-on-one or with an enormous community.

Individuals are searching for mentors in a wide range of subjects, from inspiration to computerized promoting. Furthermore, you can be a specialist to people or even organizations in any field of skill. The conceivable outcomes are inestimable.

Did you get along admirably at school? Is it accurate to say that you were a strict note-taker? You can sell your school notes on the web. Or on the other hand, possibly you’re presently a parent doing self-teaching or assisting your children with their exercises. Why not become an online coach for different children? The most effective method to earn money online is to join a website like Preply to turn into a coach and assist understudies with learning various dialects.


  • The more significant the crowd you have, the more cash you will make
  • Not just Money, you will likewise turn into a smaller than expected VIP for the group who buy your courses


It would help if you had a critical ability in one of the specialties, similar to a guitar, cooking, and so on.

1. Make Money through Dropshipping.

A conventional online business store expects you to enlist representatives, store items, look after inventories, and that’s just the beginning. It’s evident exactly how costly and dull the whole cycle could be. However, with outsourcing, you can sell your ideal product(s) on the web. Short the problem that accompanies offering conventional request satisfaction administrations— the most effective method How to earn money online. There’s no compelling reason to enlist a group, and you needn’t bother with any interest in transportation innovation by the same token.

This disorderly circumstance has brought up an issue in the head of numerous uncertain individuals. Numerous who were not preferred on the web organizations in the past are currently considering the big picture.

Yet, everybody has uneasiness of their own—particularly the individuals who have not done any business in their life. Individuals are contemplating bringing in cash on the web. How to make money online yet, they are hesitant. There is a dread of misfortune, vulnerability, activity, and naiveté.

Individuals overall are looking for the simplest alternatives online to bring in cash. We have seen a good in pursuit terms like Dropshipping. To begin outsourcing, you need an online store. I suggest Selz, which is somewhat less expensive than Shopify.

Why decide to begin an Online Dropshipping Business?

There are numerous motivations to begin web-based outsourcing and bringing in cash with outsourcing. Because of the current pandemic circumstance, outsourcing is moving on multiple stages.

Simple to Get Started

The outsourcing needn’t bother with any considerable speculation. Neither have you required any actual development. Instructions on How to earn money online nor you need any exceptional conditions. All you require is a web association and a faculty PC.

A little venture of $100 is all that anyone could need and an installment strategy. It is the quickest technique for beginning a business. It is anything but difficult to start.

No Inventory Management

Stock administration, first of all, is not something simple. In outsourcing, you don’t need to stress over the stock since providers are answerable for items’ satisfaction.

As we said before, the drop shippers are the Super Marketers. The spotlight on showcasing, promoting, and client care to sell the items.

It is entirely adaptable.

Outsourcing is adaptable. If your items are selling high, you can choose a menial helper.

You can expand or decrease deal volume. You can likewise choose numerous things. Also, you can change the entire item in the store. How to earn money online you can sell the item anyplace. You can offer a worldwide store.

It tends to be large or little, relying upon the deal. This tells that the outsourcing is entirely adaptable, and you can scale at whatever level you need.


  • Low Startup Costs
  • It has Low Cost of stock
  • Low Order Fulfillment Costs
  • Low Order Fulfillment Costs


  • Less Control Over Order Fulfillment and Lead Times
  • Reliance on Other People’s Stock
  • Poorer Customer Service

1. Make Money as a YouTube Star.

The absolute most famous YouTuber stars have become moguls and discovered moment acclaim Popularity. Also, Cash. What else does one need throughout everyday life? Furthermore, you chip away at your terms. It seems like heaven, frankly.

You can gain by your YouTube direct to:

To begin with, you can adapt your YouTube channel

  • You can likewise guide your watchers to your all-around adapted site

Presently comes the most challenging part.

How would you get viral on YouTube? Is there a mystery to getting moment acclaim?

Virality is a troublesome cycle to anticipate – the center should make steady, quality recordings – and the rest will follow.

Notwithstanding, making quality recordings isn’t almost enough. Significantly since the opposition on YouTube has soared.

As per measurements, 400 hours of video are transferred to YouTube consistently.

That is a significant rivalry.

However, on a positive note, the quantity of YouTube stars procuring six figures has expanded by half year on year.

Along these lines, eventually, all the endeavors you would place in will be justified, despite all the trouble.

How to get successful on YouTube?

Compose great titles to arouse your crowd’s curiosity.

The most effective method, How to earn money online in India, has a glance at some phenomenal instances of how to make money online your titles to get the most significant consideration.

The principal model is Business Insider. Their sure ability to bring in cash online get consideration.

Cross-Promote with different channels

Is it true that you do not structure your adherent tally?

Use YouTube advertising devices; at that point, attempt to team up with YouTube stars in your specialty and enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Watchers love client-created content. In case you’re a brand, client-produced content on YouTube gets multiple times a larger number of perspectives than content transferred by the brand.

You can offer them a few motivations so they will include you on their channel.

Make a predictable timetable (and stick to it)

Adhering to an arrangement is fundamental because your devotees and crowd should know precisely when to anticipate your video.

Accomplishment on YouTube accompanies time, practice, and steadiness.

You won’t turn into a YouTube star for the time being, yet don’t lose trust. Finish these tips. At some point, you may be abounding in such Money from YouTube.

So get out there and shoot marvelous recordings. YouTube will help you give a stage to adapt your interests or aptitudes. Additionally, you needn’t bother with any extravagant bits of gear to begin a YouTube channel; simply a telephone camera is sufficient also.


  • Highly suggested for the Indian crowd as in 2020; it is one of the most effortless approaches to bring in cash
  • Not just cash, you will likewise get well known and can construct your or your channel’s fanbases.
  • Multiple methods to bring in money.


  • Not some tea. Not every person is alright with video content.
  • It might be confounding before all else. Yet, it sets out to be a lot easier following not many months.

Make Money by doing surveys.

Perhaps the most straightforward approach to bring in cash online is to take reviews. How to earn money online without investment there’s little more to it than joining, rounding out a pro le, and offering your input on promotions, items, administrations, and then some.

The central issue is precisely how much cash would you be able to make and how much work is included. While you likely can’t get by taking on the web overviews, they can use your extra an ideal opportunity to make a touch of Money. Or then again, you may utilize reviews to get different advantages, similar to free items.

Why Companies Pay for Surveys

You may imagine that getting paid to take a review appears to be silly. For whatever cause, would anybody spend you for your assessment?

In truth, most organizations depend on buyer input. Organizations that don’t have a division to run shopper reviews and boards enlist study organizations to do it for them.

Buyer input helps companies dress more extra Money by squeezing objects and advertisements ere they remove them openly. That is the reason corporations will pay you for your time when you take a review. How to earn money online in India the data you give them is critical to their prosperity.

Taking on web studies is straightforward. However, the beginning can take a touch of time.

Here are the means in question:

Discover an organization to join with. For instance, Swagbucks or Ysense. (I suggest both because I’ve brought in some significant cash with them)

Make and round out a pro le. How to earn money online Google You’ll require a different pro le for each organization you do studies for, and you’ll need to round out each pro le as totally as could be expected under the circumstances. Each lesson is focused on a specific segment, so the organization won’t send you a study except if they can tell from your pro le that you t the part they need.

Get reviews. The largest study teams will notify you of timely reports by email. Some are immediately accessible for you to take. How to earn money online without investment for other people, you may need to put shortly responding to presurvey inquiries to guarantee that you t the segment. If you do, you can proceed to take the overview (and get the prize). On different occasions, you may get items via the post that you’re intended to survey.

Procure rewards. The prize cycle changes drastically; rare groups give you centers to reclaim Money or various tips. Others transfer money instantly to your PayPal record, and still, others enter your name into sweepstakes drawing.

How Much You Can Make

As I stated, you’re not going to make a fortune taking overviews on the web. Yet, you can take in any extra cash for pleasure only to take care of obligations or contribute. Financial study rewards change from under $1 to more than $20. However, they’re generally on the lower end of that range, $1 to $5. Moving the off likelihood that you can take a few days, you can bring in a considerable amount of cash in a month.


  • Relatively simple to control
  • Can be created in less time (contrasted with other information assortment strategies)
  • Cost-viable; however, the Cost relies upon study mode
  • Conducted distantly can decrease or forestall geological reliance
  • Capable of gathering information from countless respondents


  • Respondents may not feel urged to give precise, legit answers
  • They may not feel great, giving answers that current themselves in a troublesome way.
  • Respondents may not be wholly mindful of their purposes behind some random answer given the absence of memory regarding the matter, or even weariness.

Turning into an Instagram Influencer

Who wouldn’t have any desire to be Instagram celebrated? Instagram

Influencers, bloggers, and models get paid to advance items and support brands, frequently while accepting remuneration or unconditional presents in return. Turning out to be Instagram celebrated requires some investment and zeroed in exertion for you.

Numerous Instagram clients are wishing and working for Insta’s popularity; however, not every person is influential. To turn into an Instagram influencer, you need heaps of supporters, an extraordinary commitment rate, and a general unrivaled Instagram. . How to earn money online Google Try out our tips to develop your Instagram to arrive at web-based media influencer status.

What is an Instagram Influencer?

Extraordinary inquiry! Web-based media Influencers are a generally new idea, as the ascent of online media has made applications like Instagram, a significant piece of numerous individuals’ everyday lives. Influencers are named such because they can impact their devotees to make a specific move.

Instagram Influencers make substance and offer stories through their Instagram account, developing to somewhere in the range of 1,000 to millions of supporters. Influencers bring in cash by advancing items or brands, and it has been demonstrated that devotees are bound to purchase an item embraced by Influencers on the web.

Would you be able to Make Money on Instagram?

Make Money on Instagram

To put it plainly, yes. Instagram Influencers bring in cash differently: they get paid to advance items, get brand supports, sell their items, or execute offshoot advertising on their sites. There are various approaches to bring in cash on Instagram, for example,

  • affiliate marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Shoutouts
  • Flipping Instagram accounts (Buying, developing, and exchanging reports at more exorbitant costs)

Various sorts of Influencers and how they are bringing in cash

Wellness Influencers

Wellness Influencers on Instagram share exercise recordings, diet tips, and considerably more. These wellness Influencers have immense followings of wellness masters just as anybody hoping to get fit as a fiddle. How to earn money online Google They bring in cash by suggesting specific Workout or Keep Fit items and procure a commission as a trade-off for each fruitful deal.

Style Influencers

It is one of the most famous influencers enterprises, particularly on an outwardly engaged application like Instagram. Style Influencers embrace fashioner marks and have extraordinary style.

Travel Influencers

Travel influencers and bloggers venture to the far corners of the planet, sharing their encounters and suggestions for where and how to earn money online travel.

Food influencers

Food influencers share their suppers internet, giving devotees new eateries and plans to attempt and pictures to drool over. Numerous likewise associate their records with food sites.

How to Become an Instagram Influencer

Turning into an Instagram influencer takes difficult work. Follow these means to begin your excursion towards Instagram distinction.

Convert to a Business Profile

To  be a genuine Instagram influencer, you should maintain your record like a business, which implies that you should change your pro le to a business account. Your Instagram record should effectively be public in case you’re attempting to arrive at Insta distinction, and changing over to a business profile will permit you to see Instagram’s bits of knowledge on your posts.

Business accounts on Instagram can see measurements like reach, commitment, pro le visits, and How to earn money online Google You can likewise utilize bits of knowledge to get familiar with your devotee’s socioeconomics, top occasions of action, so you realize the best an ideal opportunity to post, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Discover Your Niche

Instagram influencers don’t merely post about each part of their lives:

influencers focus on a specific specialty so they can zero in their endeavours on that industry and appeal to supporters keen on that particular subject. How to earn money online without investment. Before you begin chipping away at developing your adherents and getting renowned, you should sort out your specialty and who your intended interest group is.

Pick an industry that you are enthusiastic about, have mastery in, or are associated with through work or your side interests. Because design

influencers are famous doesn’t imply that you should attempt to get one if you’re not intrigued by style. Discover a specialty that you care about and will appreciate posting about.

Post-Great Content

This may appear glaringly evident. However, you need to post an extraordinary substance if you need to become Instagram acclaimed. Nobody needs to follow a record that posts terrible quality pictures. In case you’re dedicated to being an Instagram influencer, you need a camera or cell phone that takes great pictures, or you can consider recruiting a photographic artist.

Not exclusively should your photos be energetic and eye-getting; however, your inscriptions ought to likewise be all around created. How to earn money online. Google considers your character, specialty, and intended interest group and compose subtitles consistent with you; however, it will likewise engage your adherents.


One of the simplest methods to bring in cash. Likewise, you will appreciate the entire cycle, so it not exhausting and bulky.

  • The sooner you increment your adherents, the sooner you will begin bringing in cash. So you don’t need to trust that numerous months will raise your pay.
  • You can sell your record also if later you choose to stop. Selling your paper will assist you with getting cash rapidly.


  • Using some unacceptable influencer can hurt your image
  • The expanding promotion of life

1. Selling Images

Picture takers: If you’re a gifted picture taker with jawless photograph and video altering abilities, you should realize that different online stages offer you an extraordinary occasion to acquire easy revenue from your work.

A pleasant spot for you is Shutter stock; it is probably the most important commercial center where you can sell your photographs and recordings for a decent amount of cash if you understand what you’re doing.

It’s an extension where individuals searching for great recordings and photographs on all intents and purposes meet with talented picture takers hoping to sell their masterpieces. Shutterstock is a worldwide commercial centre where individuals exchange top-notch recordings and pictures. It was dispatched in 2003 and is settled in New York. How to earn money online without investment along these lines is inactivity for just shy of twenty years, collecting clients from all around the globe.

The stage presently has a presence in at any rate 150 nations, giving advanced symbolism licenses. Shutterstock’s primary point is to associate progressive supporters and purchasers with a perspective on creating useful exchanges.

Picture takers hoping to bring in some cash from their work can transfer pictures to their photo library and get paid a commission when clients purchase.

Non-picture takers: If you can’t take your photos, you could download eminence free (copyright-free) pictures from Unsplash then transfer the on Shutterstock. To bring in cash from this, you’ll have to share whatever number of photographs as could reasonably be expected.


  • Wide customer base
  • International reach
  • You nd out about what to shoot
  • Build your portfolio on the web
  • Get worldwide acknowledgment
  • Find your photograph in different pieces of the world


  • Low Cost
  • It takes time to survey pictures
  • Strict prerequisites to turn into a giver

Little gigs like after individuals on Instagram

I realize it sounds unthinkable, yet individuals are ready to pay others to follow them via web-based media. How to earn money online without investment You’ll procure in any event $0.02 for following only one individual. So if you follow 100 individuals every day, you will acquire $2 from that.

The stage is called Picoworkers. Besides following individuals on Instagram, you can likewise get Paid to buy into individuals’ youtube channels and watch their recordings.

Merely a short rundown of what coworkers incorporate:

  • Follow individuals on Instagram in addition to like their posts.
  • Subscribe to Youtube channels and like recordings
  • Download applications
  • Do review
  • Create Gmail accounts
  • Follow individuals on Twitter or Facebook
  • Retweet Twitter posts and like them
  • And significantly more which you can discover for yourself


  • Extend Your Reach
  • Instagram Helps Celebrities and Fans
  • Tools Exist Which Make Succeeding on Instagram Easy
  • Building Engagement is Easy
  • Large Number of Unfollows
  • Getting New Followers Is Difficult
  • Algorithms are Biased


Final Wording

Presently you know more than ten future approaches to bring in cash online this year and past. You can begin bringing in Money with member advertising, selling physical or computerized items, or leasing your possessions. Sharing information, making recordings, composing, and coding an application are more incredible alternatives for rounding up the batter and producing deals. You can even form your organization with a menial helper’s assistance or develop abundance through ventures.

You need to offer some incentive for the best achievement and remain on the front line in this on-request economy. Sorting out your unique offering point and figuring out how to earn money online, the estimation of your aptitudes

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By Mannat Raj

Let me introduce my self quickly,

I’m Mannat Raj

The part-time Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and Entrepreneur.

I’m a 12-year-old part-time blogger. I love to do blogging and share knowledge with others.

I’m Indian and by qualification, I’m a student but a passionate blogger and affiliate marketer by heart.

Currently, I’m working on many other affiliate blogs and earning a decent amount of money online from that.

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