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How to create a Shopify Dropshipping website

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In the digital world, there are multiple opportunities on the internet for earning. During the lockdown, more than no people lost their job due to the pandemic, and also crash our economy. then many people try to earn money online, but they don’t, successes because of following the wrong platform and method. there are many sources to earn money from the internet such as blogging, freelancing, content writing, graphic designing, data entry and dropshipping, and more. if you want to become a successful entrepreneur then you should be started your dropshipping website. If you haven’t any product or money, then you can also earn through creating a drop shipping account on the Shopify website. Shopify allows you to create a dropshipping account for selling your products whatever you want.

There are a number of the supplier in the market so, you should try to deal with the loyal supplier. All the businesses can’t provide success and entrepreneur need, but it can become a successful entrepreneur with a high earnings rate. 

The choice of product is also important because you should be chosen Products which are beneficial and like to customer, and also need a bit attention on the market, website hosting, supplier and advertising. On this platform, you can sell different types of dresses, electronic equipment, innerwear, etc. 

the customer has Chosen to freedom a drop shipper so, you should be attracted customers in any way and Customers also have different drop shippers in Shopify, so your visual impact of a logo and website should be well. All drop shipper have own website, marketing technique, blogs, etc to publish their site smartly.

What is Dropshipping

What is Dropshipping
What is Dropshipping

 It is a platform to earn without product and less investment. In these ways, a seller gets customers through online by showing the Products of another supplier. It is a chain process. Here the drops hipper get an order from a customer and transfer it to the supplier/wholesalers or another retailer. Then supplier ships the product to the customer directly without going to the drops hipper.

Benefits of Dropshipping 

Less investment :

 In dropshipping their lots of advantages with more profit. if you haven’t sufficient budget to become an entrepreneur, inventory, and a location for a warehouse because it requires a large amount, then you will bean an entrepreneur by selling products online by getting a dropshipping account. there is also no physical pressure. so, it is the best platform for high earning with less effort and very little money.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Easy to start

‌ 1. Running an online shop or business is easy to manage as compare to offline, if you don, ‘t have to do it 


2.‌ ‌If you are going with drop shipping tendon, ‘t worry about managing a warehouse for storing of product 

3.‌ ‌Manpower required for packing and shipping tracking of product returns and exchange

‌4.‌ Continual order

Flexible location:

 In the dropshipping business, a customer gets their product any time anywhere through the internet. If you as long as communicate with customers and supplier, then it is running very well and get more profit.

What is Shopify :

Shopify is a multinational e-commerce company. In which an online store builder can easily open an online store using it. Its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario. Is a major commercial center. In which you can open a business store without investing your domine. This is perfect for most of your business. Shopify gets lots of service for online re-tellers. Shopify marketing, shopping, and customer engagement.

Why choose Shopify for your dropshipping business?

Wright, now you have many types of the source to start your dream drop shipping website or dropshipping business, Like Shopify, WooCommerce like, etc. But Shopify is the best and simple way to start your dropshipping business. Shopify is the most popular for drop shipping business that’s because of:

Ready to use 

Shopify makes for drop shipping so that when you want to start your dropshipping website from Shopify you don, ‘t have to do anything more customization from others. Shopify you can get ready-made themes for drop shipping, it is ready to use for dropshipping.

Make it for Dropshipping

Shopify is the most simple way to create your dropshipping website and it’s made for only drop shipping. This platform gives different types of tools to make simple your way to drop shipping and the main thing is it’s easy to use. Shopify with solutions is specially made for dropshipping. For Example — Oberlo it’s a drop shipping apps(It helps to add product from Ali Baba website to your Spotify side with some clicks).

Great feature

if you want to start a dropshipping website you have many options to start your websites like WooCommerce Spotify and more in commerce f to buy a domain and hosting for that but in Spotify, you don, ‘t have to buy any hosting because it is a self-hosting site, you can easily start your dropshipping website here without buying any hosting, also, you will get store builder which enable for design your website or store. Shopify gives you to handle our marketing and payment method as you wish.

Easy to start

Most of the dropshipping business owner like to use Shopify beaches it’s easy to use, its works with some simple clicks and Shopify is the user-friendly process for beginners. Spotify dropshipping is build with so many features and functions, if a new person wants to start their drop shipping website he can easily create their website in Shopify and anyone can start.

How to start Dropshipping

1. Find your niche

The first step of dropshipping business you have to find your niche, think about who will why your product, and find your target customer for your dropshipping business.

There are lots of YouTube videos and blog posts that are advice on how to choose the best nice or profitable nice. It’s very important to choose the product. If you are choosing the product to related your passion and interest you can work easily for that.

Choose a niche that you are interested in, but make sure that’s there are demand and profit for your business. The first research into merchandise demand, popularity, and profitability, and focused on your efforts in the areas that you were truly interested in.

For example, someone who is interested in sports decided to start my research in the fitness space to see what sports items he could sell. and the main thing is selecting a validated demand product.

2. Do keyword Research

First of all, make a list of product keywords in your potential market. In the sports market, you have to brainstorm relevant keywords that people would search for. Such keywords included terms like sports t-shirts, sports watch, leggings, sports products, etc.

You have to enter these terms into Google’s Keyword Planner to get a better idea of how much search volume they’re getting in a month, and for example, you have research that cures and you will find sports T-shirt, and “sports watch”, are getting the most search

3. Resource about product Trends

When you get keyword data after that you have to combine that keyword in Google trend and figure out their search popularity over the last some months or years. Whenever you are choosing a product for dropshipping. 

Before selecting your product, the type that product keyword into Google trends later check the product trending keyword going up or down if the product trends going down then don’t use that product if that product trends going up you have to use that product for your dropshipping business.

4. Figure out if your niche is profitable

Before you launch your dropshipping business your end-of-the-day vision is to make money. product popularity is a good sign but some time which a product is trending on Google you are getting a very low price margin that so you have to focus on the right product where you will get a good margin. Before you launch your dropshipping business yet to research this.

It’s meant to choose like this product low-cost product which we can sale it a premium price. You have to research the costs and retail prices of your products, Then calculate your profits using Shopify Gross Profit Margin Calculator. When you get a good margin then work for that product.

5. How to choose a store name 

You can use Name Mase to choose your unique store name, for example, your store niches are sports you have to type sports on the name mase search bar after that you will get more related name to your niches (sports) and you can find the best store name and also you can know that name domain ( .com, .in ) available or not

6. Buy a Domain Name

There are many different ways to buy or create. The domain name from different websites like GoDaddy, Hostinger, Shopify, Hostgator, Namecheap, Sedo, Flippa Etc. You can easily buy a domain from Shopify within some clicks.

1. Go to the Shopify website and click on sign up

2. You should Enter your email id, password, and store name.

3. Click on buy a domain

4. Enter your store name and check if it is available or not, whether it is available after that buy it

6. Create your logo

All the big brands have their logo. We can know the business name and company name through their logo. So that you have to create the best logo for your dropshipping website, and it will increase your recall value. There are different types of tools to create an attractive logo for your business. Like and Canva is a very good platform to create your unique and best logo for your dropshipping website.

Go to website and sign up for free and you can customize easily your logo. If you can’t create a logo from the above website then you can hire a freelancer to create your amazing logo for your dropshipping website.

7. Create a Shopify account

You have to go on Google and search there Spotify after that click on the Spotify website. if you are a new user on Shopify you will get 14 days free trial (you can only customize the store and spot the product expect for generative sales).

How to create a Shopify dropshipping website

You can easily create a dropshipping website from Shopify here is the process to create a dropshipping website.

Step 1

You should go to Google and search then click on the official website of Shopify.

Step 2

You need to sign up to create an online store on Shopify by giving some of your information like email address, password, and your store name what you have chosen and click on next.

Step 3

After that you will get a popup message of “success, your store is ready to go” then display page name “tell us a little about yourself”. Then you need to give them some information about what they want like 

1. Are you selling? 

2. What is your current revenue?

3. The operating which industry will you be operating in? then click on next.

Step 4

You should fill in your address on the given blank Page. Then enter your new Shopify store.

Step 5 

Before going to the theme section of your store you can customize the settings of websites.

1. Setting of the general setting

In a general setting, you should fill a blank section of that page. Here time zone and store currency are most important if you want to create your dropshipping website in India then you should be e choose the Indian time zone and Indian currency and if you want to create your dropshipping website for other country have to select their time zone and currency.

2. Setting of Location

go to go to the location setting and give your proper location.

3. Setting of Plan and permission

if you want to add some stock and employees you like manager and staff you should add their information here. If you want to close your store then you can close to this section.

4. Setting of payment

You can add a payment gateway (PayPal) for your dropshipping website.

5. Setting of Language

You should choose your language by installing some free applications from the Shopify apps store.

6. Setting of chack-out

Fill in all the information that you want from the customer in this section.

7. Setting of shipping

If you dropshipping in India then you should activate cash on delivery by installing “add cash on delivery for India”(application), if you want to provide cash on delivery in some area then you should be updated the pin code of that area

8. Setting of Legal

Go to the legal setting there create your privacy policy, Term and services, and shipping policy pages.

9. Setting of Navigation

if you want to add some button in footer menu you can add easily on this section.

Step 5

After that go to the theme section change the default theme and add a new theme for your dropshipping website. Then you should add different types of products from Ali express and other suppliers. Use a user-friendly theme for your dropshipping website.

How to Market your Dropshipping Website

Creat your social media pages (Instagram /Facebook)

Create your Facebook page through your Facebook account

1. log in to your Facebook account with your user ID and password

2. Go to the page Section (flag symbol) and click on Create New Facebook Page

3. Creat your Page by putting your business name then choose your Business category (Your Niche), Enter your website Name

4. Add your page cover photo and add your profile picture (Business logo or Your dropshipping website name logo)

5. When you successfully create your Facebook page, after that invite your friend to like your page and share your page link in social media and WhatsApp to your relatives.

6. Add some picture and video to your niche related business and update daily (Which product you want to promote)

In 2020 Facebook pages haven’t given sufficient reach organically, so you have to run some Facebook Ad for promoting your Facebook page and as well for your product.

2. Instagram page

Instagram is the best way to reach your customer organically so you must have an Instagram account you can create your Instagram account through your Facebook account.

1. First go to then Sign up for your Instagram account by linking your Facebook account

2. After that add name, business details logo, and your business categories.

3. After you create your Instagram account add your business logo, Bio, and Business category.

It is the best platform to reach your customers. As compared to Facebook. Whenever you want to promote some product, You can use Facebook ad manager because you can promote your Facebook and Instagram accounts at a time.

3. Email Marketing

We can connect to our targeted customers through email marketing. Email marketing means: Promoting some product or services through emails is called email marketing.

 How to get Emails I’d

Run a free PDF( Useful information or paid content for free )downloading camping when someone will sign up for that. You will get his email Id and mobile number. 

When you are going to launch products or services. At that time you can use that number of email ID. Then send a promotional message to that email address.

 Email service provider

There are so many email service providers in the market but the MailChimp is the best email service provider. MailChimp is giving up to 1500 free emails daily but if you have a good customer base (above 1500). 

you have to sign up for their paid membership after that you can send 1500+ emails to your customer at a time. Mail types: like Promotional email, Thank you email, Product launching email, etc.

4. Google AdWords

Google Ads ( known as Google AdWords) is the single most popular online advertising service in the world. Using this most businessman using for promoting their product and service to reach potential customers at a low cost. 

If you are doing a Dropshipping business This is the best platform for you, by promoting products you can gen benefit from this.

There are different types of ads such as:

 1. Sales ad

 2. Leads ad

 3. Website traffic

 4. Product and brand consideration

 5. Brand awareness and reach

 6. App download

 7. Local store visit and promotions

Website traffic advertising, Instagram advertising, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Pinterest advertising, YouTube advertising this ad is very effective for your dropshipping business. You should try this for your product.

5. Pay per Click (PPC)

 Pay per click advertising is a cost-effective advertisement. When a visitor click on your Ad then only you have to pay for that. In this ad, you will get a better conversion rate, compare to other ads. When someone will search something in Google and that was relevant to your ads then only Google will show your ads to that customer. Here all visitors coming organically so that you will get a better conversation rate compare to others (Display ads, Video ads, Shipping ads, Lead ads). It’s very effective for your dropshipping business.

You can ready Pay per Click (PPC) camping in Google AdWords. Go to Campaign and created your new campaigns, you have to manage them regularly then only that continues to affect them. You should be continuously optimizing your Campaign and follow this: Add PPC Keywords (Add keywords that relevant to your business), Add Negative Keywords (add a non-converting term and improve relevancy and reduce wasted spend), Review Costly PPC Keywords (find the nonperforming keywords and shut them), User-friendly landing page (set the best call to action button for batter conversation rate and change your content)


The main purpose of creating this article to educate the reader about dropshipping and how to earn on the internet. This article gives more information about the drive of Dropshipping and gives a useful strategy to hopefully the growth of the website.

If you want to become a successful drop shipper then you must follow our article that is helpful for you. 

Today there are several dropshipping companies arise and the importance of online retailing is also going high. It can also further make a role model for future online business and give more strategies that will rise. I hope our article gives more recognition of dropshipping to interested people.

This platform supports the global economy by doing dropshipping. We hope our article will help you as a beginner.

By Mannat Raj

Let me introduce my self quickly,

I’m Mannat Raj

The part-time Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and Entrepreneur.

I’m a 12-year-old part-time blogger. I love to do blogging and share knowledge with others.

I’m Indian and by qualification, I’m a student but a passionate blogger and affiliate marketer by heart.

Currently, I’m working on many other affiliate blogs and earning a decent amount of money online from that.

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