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Cheap WordPress hosting services in 2021 – (Comparison + Deals)

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

You are in search of Cheap WordPress hosting Services?

I guess you are a blogger or businessmen and your need is one of the most important needs of 2021.

No doubt! this is a technical world and the website is the best way to show what you are good at.

But hosting is important for the security of the website, for speed of the website, for content storage, and also for some other technical stuff.

So, if you want a website for your business then it is important to show your effort in a very good manner which shows you are really good at your service.

If you are a blogger then google must rank your website.

In all the above a website need speed, good security, and good storage, which conclude that why you need and hosting and why it is important.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Sometimes one time but is not enough for hosting, if you ask any successful website owner then he or she tell you how many times they migrate their website from this hosting to that hosting.

Well migrating a website is tedious work and all these efforts are paid off but we talk about this another time.

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Which is the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting?

Cheap WordPress Hosting Services
Cheap WordPress Hosting Services

Here, before you start reading about different hostings and their services I want to say that you have to keep your mind open and work wisely when you try to buy in the best deal.

Because there are different types of hosting and you have to buy them according to your need not according to the deal.

Listen, if you start an online business and get a website – if your all work is done and you are ready to launch your business then you need fast hosting with good security and you can’t compromise because of some dollars.

But on another hand, if your business is not ready to launch and you have to manage lots of fieldwork then you can buy any hosting for some time at a low price.

Same in blogging, if you are running your website as a blog and want a good ranking of the first position on google’s first page, then no doubt you need hosting that gives you a rocket speed for your website.

 But if you work wisely then ask a question – Is your website is fully ready?

This means you write about 30+ good high quality, and long enough articles, with proper keyword research. If your answer is yes then Best of luck for good enough hosting.

But, if your answer is No! then you need time to write all those articles and for all those good researchers. So, estimate those times and buy the cheapest hosting for some time.

Good hosting does not mean this feature and that feature the good hosting means which meet your actual need.

So, if possible then buy any cheap hosting means really cheap hosting (given below) and then make your website good enough with all proper keyword research and list of good articles and then buy another set of hosting which is a little high in price but give you fast speed and this is the time to work for ranking.

So, when your website ready with a good amount of articles and research then change your hosting, increase your website speed, and make backlink then rank your website on the desired keyword.

Checklist to buy Cheap WordPress Hosting

When you are picking WordPress hosting for any exciting WordPress website then check or identify all the points given below.

⦁          Latest PHP – If you want to make your WordPress website faster then PHP 7.0x is very important.

⦁          SSL Certificate – Most of the time this is paid service and a very important ranking factor according to google and you get this certificate free of cost with almost all deals given below.

⦁          Customer Support – Remember when I say about the migration of the website, this is the point when you need support, and not only this time, if you get any problem on your website then you need to talk about hosting customer care. So, it is important to choose a 24X7 customer support service.

All the above points are very important and after those points, you can check the hosting space, bandwidth space, and easy control panel, and many more.

If the above 3 points are clear then the only other point looks like the cherry on the cake otherwise you suffer in the future.

Get four years of hosting for almost $50.52 today!

Which type of Hosting you should Buy?

If you are new and not know about this then make clear that there are several types of hosting and every hosting is for a different website and need.

Some types of Cheap WordPress Hosting Service are –

⦁          Shared hosting.

⦁          VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting.

⦁          Dedicated hosting.

⦁          Cloud hosting.

⦁          WordPress hosting.

All the above hostings are available in different deals and in search of good hosting, many peoples by mistake choose hosting which is not for them.

The worst part of buying the wrong hosting is you have to pay a very high amount after the end of the deal time.

In my point of view if you are new in this field then you have to go through Shared hosting.

Shared hosting is cheap than any other type of hostings. It is the perfect choice for any WordPress website which is new or for blogging use.

If you are thinking about the last type “WordPress Hosting” then this is also good and a little 19-20 in price as compare to shared hosting and new choice which come in recent years and this is also the best choice for your WordPress hosting.

Get four years of hosting for almost $50.52 today!

Cheap hosting for starters. (For Students)

This section is mainly for students if you are a student or a person who doesn’t have any good income but you want to try your luck in inline earning.

Want to build a WordPress website at a very cheap price and want to show your talent and earn some money then this is the exact section you are in search of.

Below you get some prices also and keep remember that the price is for Shared hosting, you can visit their website to check more prices.

1.  Go Viral

This is one of the most underrated websites, of course, because this is not a very big company.

But the most shocking news is this website provides hosting for your WordPress website for Rs.49 per month.

Yes! very best choice for the student who wants to run a website for online earning. This is good hosting with all important and quality service.

But, when your research and enough article are complete and you are ready to rank then only move to another hosting about which you get below.


⦁          Starter Pack – Rs.49 per month or $0.69 per month.

Support one website, 3 GB SSD storage, 2 TB bandwidth, user-friendly cPanel + Softlous demo, free and easy site migration, Free 10 GB CDN, 5 subdomains, 1 CPU Core, 1 GB Ram, SSL Certificate, and 99% uptime service.

⦁          Advance Pack – Rs. 85 per month or $ 1.16 per month.

Support 3 websites, 50 GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited Bandwidth, cPanel + Softculos Demo, Free & Easy site migration, Free 10 GB CDN, Unlimited Mysql Database, Unlimited subdomains, 1 CPU Core, 1 GB Ra, and 99% uptime service.

⦁          Plus Pack – Rs. 129 per month or $1.77 per month.

Support 10 websites, 125 GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Bandwidth, cPanel + Softculous, Free 10 GB CDN, Unlimited MySql database, Free SSL certificate, and 99% uptime service.

Get four years of hosting for almost $50.52 today!

2. Ambition Host

This is another hosting for new guys, the main thing in which this hosting is different from Go Viral is customer support, this hosting is also for starting and with great customer support.


⦁          Basic plane – Rs.75 per month or $1.03 per month.

You can host 1 domain, get 5 GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, cPanel with an easy interface, Free SSL certificates, and Imunify360 Security.

⦁          Plus plane – Rs. 175 per month or $2.40 per month.

You can host5 domains, 20 GB SSD storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited Email accounts, cPanel with an easy interface, Free SSL certificate, and Imunify360 security.

⦁          Pro plane – Rs. 275 per month or $3.75 per month.

You can host an unlimited website, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email account, cPpanel with an easy interface, Free SSL certificate, and also get Imunify360 security.

Get four years of hosting for almost $50.52 today!

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Deal in 2021.

Below you get the best WordPress hosting deal that you need for your exciting WordPress website.

All the below deals are very from high demanding, famous and from big companies, all the deal which you going to read is especially to make your website like a rocket.

The time to use these hostings is when you are ready to beat your competitors with proper armors and time to show Google that you want to rank.

1. Bluehost

This is one of the famous hosting service websites which have a big reputation with big turnovers in the market.

The best thing is this company is recommended by and this website is famous for making websites fast and this is the reason why this website gets a huge amount of votes in any hosting survey.


  • Basic plane – $2.95 per month or Rs. 215 per month.

This supports one website, 50 GB of disk space, and one free domain name, and trust me this service is not common at this price.

  • Plus plane – $5.45 per month or Rs. 398 per month.

You get unlimited websites, unmetered website spaces, unlimited email accounts and email storage, unlimited subdomains, and 99.99% uptime service with 24X7 customer support.

  • Choice Plus plane – $5.45 per month or Rs. 398 per month.

This plan includes everything you get in Plus, and also added domain privacy and auto site backups. Currently, you get this feature at the same price as the Plus plan.

Get four years of hosting for almost 70% Off today!

2. Hostinger:

This is another hosting company which name is running like a storm everywhere. If you want in search of good hosting at a good price then this will may end your search here.

You can hear what people say about this company, this company gets great ratings in customer support and providing the best deals.

This hosting gives you unbelievable speed and customer support at a great price, but some downsides have to suffer.

first, you do not get any free SSL certificate, with no daily backup which is really a bummer in website deals and they also famous because low deals at the time of buy and later when that time period is over they increase the price of that deal.


  • Single plane – $0.99 per month or Rs. 72 per month.

You get one site, unlimited storage, 99.99% uptime service, and give you 24X7 customer support and this deal is one of the best deals to start your new WordPress site.

  • Premium plane – $2.15 per month or Rs. 157 per month.

Get 2 websites, but this plane is not when you get very high traffic, yes you get a free domain name with this plane for one year with unlimited storage.

  • Business plane – $3.45 per month or Rs. 252 per month.

Get unlimited websites, free SSL certificate, unlimited storage, with daily backup, and 24X7 customer support with a free domain name for one year.

Get four years of hosting for almost 70% Off today!

3. SiteGround

Siteground Webhosting services
SiteGround Hosting

This is one of the best hostings on the market for a very long time. Yes! believe it or not, but this is one of the best hostings of the market which and their support and deal are also best.

This hosting is one of the most recommended hosting for business by me.

If you ask why? then this hosting is a mixture of advanced features, medium, or decent price, with great speed.

This WordPress site offers free site transfer, on their higher plans and also includes their supercharger tool for improving speeds.

So, if you want security and speed then this hosting is always on the list and in position one.


This plane is the best to plan for small or new startups that need to host a single website, with limited storage.

  • Growing plan – $9.99 per month or Rs. 729 per month.

This is perfect for business, if your online business is running very well and you are in good profit then this is one of the best choices for your business or blogs. You get multiple WordPress websites with unlimited storage and 24X7 customer support.

  • GoGeek plan – $14.99 per month or Rs. 1095 per month.

This is the best and very sustainable choice for large companies that run in lakhs or crore of transactions. If your business belongs to this category then just click and go with this deal as soon as possible.

4. Namecheap

This is another famous web hosting and domain selling company chances have you heard this name if you are from the blogging and website field.

Namecheap provides them the first deal at a very low price as compared to features or services which they offer.

They allow you to choose any data center and you can get good speed if you choose a good data center in Namecheap hosting.


  • Stellar plane – $1.58 per month or Rs. 115.42 per month.

You can host 3 websites, and get 20GB SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, with 24X7 customer support and 99.99% uptime service.

  • Stellar Plus plane – $4.88 per month or Rs. 356.50 per month.

You can host unlimited websites, with unmetered SSD-accelerated storage, unlimited bandwidth, with 24X7 customer support and 99.99% uptime service.

  • Stellar Business plan – $8.88 per month or Rs. 648.7 per month.

 You can host the unlimited website, with unlimited SSD accelerated storage and pure 50 GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and all-important features.

NOTE – One of the best things about NameCheap is this is the only hosting service that allows you to pay monthly, Whereas many other hosting brands require you to pay for a year upfront to grab any deal.

So, if you become an of Namecheap by seeing all the extraordinary features then not forget to buy and use this unique feature of the monthly payment.

Get four years of hosting for almost 70% Off today!

5. Green Geeks Cheap WordPress Hosting.

This is another famous hosting on which you should make your concentration.

This hostings says that no matter what is your requirement, their platform met your hosting need.

So, they provide as light fast, secure, and eco-friendly hosting with some options which given below:-


  • Lite – $2.59 per month.

Suitable for those who start their personal website. You get 1 Website

Unlimited Web Space, Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain Name for 1st Year, Free Nightly Backup, Free CDN, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, Unlimited Databases, Standard Performance, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

  • Pro – $4.95 per month.

Suitable for those who want to run multiple websites.

You get Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Web Space, Unmetered Data Transfer, Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain Name for 1st Year, Free Nightly Backup, Free CDN, Unlimited E-mail Accounts.

This hoating is for those who run a online store or have a very busy website.

You get Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Web Space, Unmetered Data Transfer, Free Premium SSL, Free Domain Name for 1st Year, Free Nightly Backup, Free CDN, Unlimited E-mail Accounts.

Get four years of hosting for almost 70% Off today!

6. Wpx hosting

This is also the best hosting and the main features of this hosting is you get – free unlimited site transfers to WPX, free daily malware detection & removal, free site fixes if down.


  • Business plan – $24.99 per month or $20.83 when pay yearly.

You can host 5 Websites, get 10GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth and also get WPX cloud CDN.

  • Professional Plan – $49.99 per month or $41.58 when paid yearly.

You can host 15 Websites, get 20GB storage, 200 GB bandwidth and also get WPX cloud CDN.

  • Elite Plan – $99 per month or $83.25 when paid yearly.

You can host 35 Websites, get 40GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and also get WPX cloud CDN.

Get four years of hosting for almost 70% Off today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the best WordPress hosting in 2021?

When you are in search of the best web hosting for your 2021 WordPress website then Bluehost is the only name, because this hosting provides the best service than others with free domain and SSL certificate.

  • What is web hosting?

Basically, your website is collection of files and database and this all are store in your hosting which serve to your usser when they click on website link.

So, the system which serve your website or information of site to your user is known as hosting.

  • Name of Some best web hosting?

Hosting are keep your website up time and some best hosting companies are :-

  1. Bluehost.
  2. NameCheap.
  3. SiteGround.

Last Words.

If you reach this section then chances are you read the whole article carefully and you understand about the best deals of hosting and you can buy the best one by reading the above article.

But, before you think about the best hosting service in 2021, you try to think about what is the actual need for hosting and why.

As I have given above some hosting for beginners or new starters of this field, if your website is not perfectly ready then go with some cheap hosting and then move to some big hosting company.

So, if you understand how to choose the hosting and if all your queries related to the best hosting service are getting good answers then not forget to share and give your valuable comment below.

By Mannat Raj

Let me introduce my self quickly,

I’m Mannat Raj

The part-time Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and Entrepreneur.

I’m a 12-year-old part-time blogger. I love to do blogging and share knowledge with others.

I’m Indian and by qualification, I’m a student but a passionate blogger and affiliate marketer by heart.

Currently, I’m working on many other affiliate blogs and earning a decent amount of money online from that.

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