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Blogging Tips: Top 10 best blogging tips for Beginners in 2021.

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So you are here, then I think you want to start your earning well enough from your blog, and you are searching for the best blogging tips for beginners.

There is a funny thing.

When I say that I do blogging for earning and living my life, then almost all peoples roll their eyes and think that whether I am joking or this is a job which their cat can do.

If you want to earn money from your blog, you also have to suffer from this question. 

The simple point is this blogging as a job sounds very easy where you imagine yourself writing something in your room and enjoying your life in your comfort.

But like another job, this job is also challenging, and things got messed up in starting.

But it’s okay with that, and it happens with every new Blogger. Luckily, you have this article, and you can avoid some mistakes and make your journey less rollercoaster. 

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When you start working on a blog, you suffer from many problems, and that solution is given in this article.

If you want to grow your blog and looking for blogging tips for beginners, then you just have to stick with this article until the end.

What is a Blog?

What is a Blog

This is a simple website used to show your creativity, attractively share information, generate leads for the business, increase knowledge in students, and many more. 

In simpler words, we can say that a blog is a series of content in a particular category that industry experts demonstrate to increase awareness and share information on various topics.

How Blog Related to Earning?

How Blog Related to Earning

If you want blogging tips, then definitely you love to earn some money from your blog.

Blogs are types of website that can help you drive traffic, and that traffic will convert into leads, and that leads can convert into regular customers.

If you want to start your blog to share information and get ads by google to make earning, this process is also very well, but this become old fashion and in this ROI (Return On Investment) is also significantly less.

The main work of a blog is to grow your business ultimately, and this can be done by writing information or articles so that your reader is ready to buy your product or your affiliate products.

Well, starting an AdSense approved blog which focuses on AdSense for earning and starting a blog that focuses on affiliation or own product for making are different things.

But no matter which type of blog you are running or what is your focus earning method, the truth is this blogging industry has 13X more positive ROI as compare to any other business.

Starting a Blog – A Wonderful Perspective.

If you want to earn money through the blog and grow very high in this industry, you must have to read this section.

I will share my story, which gives you perspective and the perfect way to see your blog.

This was when I am very new in this industry, and I don’t know anything about Adsense, SEO, SMM, or any other digital glossary.

But I love to share good quality information which anybody can read and use in their daily life, and that’s why I started a blog in 2015. I write content that is user friendly and without any SEO or Tips-Tricks, only share lots of good quality content regularly.

Despite knowing nothing about blogging, SEO, SMM, Adsense policies, I managed this blog and hit approx 3000 organic visitors per month, which is peak.

But after that, I read some articles and gain lots of information about Blogging tips, Adsense policies, and SEO. Then I start another blog, and that blog is focused on earning a good amount of money from Google Adsense.

When I start a new blog, I try to choose a high CPC niche and focus on lots of articles because if I write 30-40 articles soon, I get approval from Adsense.

So, I choose a high CPC niche and write 35 articles in 22 days and apply for Adsense and start seeing my dream of floating in money.

But, unfortunately, my blog is rejected by AdSense. 

I again start another blog, and this time I wait for two months to write 62 articles in my blog, and I also get rejected.

After lots of failures, I decided to do this as a passion, and then I forget any SEO, any types of research.  

I write content in which I am an expert and share lots of articles which is long enough in which I write my points of view in a very remarkable way for my readers.

Trust me, this time, I got approval from Adsense, and I am earning well enough from that blog.

The moral of this story is when you only focus on earning, not on your audience and your expertise, then forget $100, you not even able to get approval from Adsense.

Well, I am not saying that SEO, SMM, and Research is bad or invaluable. I am just saying to focus on the reader before any type of research.

Well, if any of the above terms make you confused, then don’t worry. I will start my list of blogging tips that you love, and you learn lots of thigh which you have to avoid and lots of thighs you have to do.

Best Blogging Tips for Beginners 2021.

Below, you get a list of some blogging tips that help you raise your level in this industry and allow you not to make some silly mistakes, which may take you lots of time.

So, Let’s go to it.

1. Niche Down your Blog.

According to one server, the number of bloggers in the USA is 31 million and if you think to target the audience of every country through your blog, then just imagine your competition.

The simple meaning of this point is that if you are going to start blogging, your competition is very high.

But the funny part, if you were starting blogging ten years ago, you also get some gurus who say that you get throat cut competition.

Luckily, you have a way and lots of articles on google, which can teach you how to stand out and attract many readers to your blog.

This first point is also to focus on this point. 

This means the biggest problem for every new Blogger is they cannot get suitable viewers or readers to their blog, and the solution is to niche down your blog.

What is the Niche Down of the Blog?

It means always try to focus on a hyper-specific topic or Mirco niche blog. 

For Example – If you want to start a fitness blog, you can create a blog where you cover lots of topics like – Bodybuilding, Yoga, diet, and many more, but this is not a good way.

The best way for blogging is to start a niche down your blog or start a Micro niche blog.

 If you want to create a blog, try to focus on only Yoga and, even more, specific than Yoga for women; if you wish for more promising results, you again niech down it like – Back Yoga for women.

If you want to start a travel blog, you can focus on many topics, but that is not a good way. Try to focus on an issue like – India travelling blog or concentrate on the Rajasthan travelling blog for a more relevant result. For a more suitable product, start a blog like – Jaipur travelling blog.

I hope you understand how to niech down your topic.

So, keep remembering your topic must be centre on specific users or specific customer-centred. 

2. Write about topics people are searching for

If you want to earn money from a blog, you must focus on organic views; you can’t get good readers or opinions from social media.

If you get more than 50% traffic from organic search, then you established a good website.

Most people do not get good organic traffic because they write on topics that no one is searching on google.

Then the question is,

How you find such topic ideas?

The answer is through keyword research tools.

If you search “Keyword Tool” on google, you get lots of free and a paid keyword research tool that makes your work easy.

Through keyword research tool, you get keywords that peoples are searching for and know what the monthly searches on your keywords are.

Another free and best tip is using Google to find the best content Idia for your blog.

If you want an excellent keyword Idea, then visit google, write any topic related to your blog niech and then click space.

When you click space, then google automatically shows you some recommendations which are searching on google.

Write the recommendation again and put space and you to get some advice, and at last, you get a speck of your article to suggest by google.

You also use some tools like – AnswerThePublic – free agency, which you can use to find the best keyword for your blog.

This tool shows you questions related to your topic, which peoples are searching for on Google, and if you answer through problems in your blog, you get good traffic.

You can also use paid tools like Ahref for keyword research and analyze the competition, but if you are a beginner, then not go for it.

3. Tackle your competitor’s best-performing topics.

If you want to grow and for that, I give you a tip that tries to find your competitors and try to write their topic but in a more elaborate form.

Isn’t it wonderful that if you search for lots of keywords and do high brain strumming to find the perfect title and topic, then you are doing something wrong?

Just find your competitor if you want to grow.

It is more common sense that if you are in this blogging field, there is plenty of article in every topic and you have to have to find them to get successful.

I want to say that find your competitor website, which you get by searching your blog topic on google.

As you search the blog topic you want to cover in your blog, you see some websites that already rank on google, then just open them and read them.

If you think that you can give more information on this topic and give them, this is what everyone does to become a successful blogger.

Many blogs show that their best-performing articles by leading in the popular post section on a sidebar. If you also get an item in any blog and think that you can write a better article, just upload it to your blog.

When you read articles of your competitors and think that you can write better than this article on this topic, then try to write an essay with more words, more photos, and more sub-headings than that competitor’s item.

4. Be mindful of search intent.

This is an important point which most of the new bloggers, not try to understand.

Please read these blogging tips repeatedly and set in your mind that search intent is essential, and google also considers this critical as a ranking factor.

So, you can’t afford to ignore this Beginner blogging tips.

I remembered that once I try to get Adsense as soon as possible and I write articles on the topic “Best videos for WhatsApp status”, I choose this topic because in this topic, not have to do any research, just add some youtube videos and write content about those videos.

When I search my topic on google, most of the time, Youtube is ranking.

Exactly, I think that there is no content then. Why not write 500+ words on WhatsApp status and add some videos and google list me because my article is long and has photos, videos, and lots of sub-heading.

Sometimes I write 1500+ words on this topic.

But unfortunately, I never rank on this topic.

Trust me; if you can’t focus on search intent, then your work is just a waste, nothing more than trash.

Simply peoples are searching “Best WhatsApp status videos” to find some youtube videos to add to their status. They are not here to read anything.

Simply, if you want to write an article on a topic like – “How to login Facebook” or anything like that.

You never rank on this keyword because the searcher is here to know how to log in just in few steps and as soon as possible not here to read a 2000 words article that gives him complete information about Facebook.

If you are also working like that, please stop all these trash works and try to write as best article as possible on the topic that people are searching for reading and getting some information.

Then ,

How to figure out search intent?

The best way to find this is through google itself. Thankfully google works show the most relevant results, which you can use to your advantage.

Just take a look at the top 10 pages of your chosen topic through google, open all ten results in a new tab, check what they are writing, and get an idea of what people want through this topic.

If you search anything, then before any research, think like a searcher means if you search this topic then what you want and then write an article on that topic.

After completing your article, share this with your friend and tell them that you try to solve this problem. In this article, will you get that point after reading this or not?

Their review gives you a perfect answer, but most of the time, you can do this by just your common sense.

5. Make your posts easy to read.

This is one of the essential points because when you understand your topic, how you find the best content idea, and what your readers want to read, this is the final and vital point that makes your blog successful.

One thigh always keeps in your mind that nobody wants to read. They just want the information which they are searching for.

Whenever you start your article to publish in your blog, then repeat this line – “Nobody wants to read, they just want information which easily downloads in their mind”.

 Now, anybody loves to watch Netflix show rather than reading a blog post, but as a writer, you must give them content that engages your reader more than any show.

Good writing means effortless reading.

Whenever you write your blog, try to use simple words that easily understandable to your readers.

There are some points which you must keep in mind while writing the best blog post, those points are – 

·       Use a short paragraph.

A considerable paragraph looks boring. Write a small and informative paragraph when you do not have anything informative, then just add any small funny line which engages your reader.

·       Break up long sentences.

If you have a long sentence, then try to break them into 2 or 3 small sentences. Try to break long through words like because, and, that, e.t.c.

·       Insert multimedia.

This is when people love media, so using photos, videos, GIFs is an exciting way to engage your reader.

·       Use formatting.

To make your article more attractive, use formatting like – Bold, italic, quotes, and lists.

·       Read your article out loud.

When you complete your article, try to read it loudly, which helps you find out problems where your content does not flow smoothly.

Remember, if you can’t read your post, then how you can expect others to read it thoroughly.

6. Write Amazing Headlines.

You believe it or not, but this is proved in a survey that, on average, people read five times a heading before reading the body of the article or clicking on the item.

So, you want views, then tell how you get that if nobody clicks on your article.

If you want views, you have to write a catchy heading, then only people click on that heading and read your content.

It is also common sense and observation that most people get your heading via search or social media.

Then they decide which content to read based on the attractive heading.

The heading is also essential because it is just like the first impression of your article – and you know the importance of a first impression.

Now, you understand why the heading is one of the crucial parts of your content; then, it becomes essential to know how to write an attractive title.

Follow the below points to get an attractive or catchy heading for your article.

·       Observe different famous blogs of your category.

This is very basic, but one of the essential point that you can check other blogs and websites. 

Read other blog heading and understand how they craft their title, and try to write your blog heading in the best way possible.

Use numbers, power words, focus keywords, negative and positive phrases, and then arrange those words in the best attractive and easy to read way.

·       Use Tools.

There are lots of free tools in which you can check whether your heading is perfect or not, so after writing, your header must use any free heading checker tool and try to improve according to the device.

One of the best tools as a heading checker is – CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.

You can use any other tool to make your blog heading wonderful.

7. Do Basic On-Page SEO.

You read the word SEO and think that this is the word which you afraid of and blame why your blog is not getting views.

I know you are a beginner and want to know some tips, not an extensive essay on SEO.

On-page SEO is the first step of SEO, which makes your blog the best and user-friendly without any hard brainstorming.

If you think SEO is complex, then you are right, but On-page is not very difficult. It is just essential.

 Some On-page SEO tips are “best practices” if you want more views – 

·       Placing your Keywords.

Every new Blogger wants to know “how to add the keyword” when I am new in this field, I used to think that adding a keyword is a process in which we add specific keywords at a secret place.

But later, I understand, and I also want to share with you that there is no secret place to add keywords.

You have to add keywords in the title, meta description, and H1 page of your article.

When you add your keywords in the first paragraph of your article and then in all important places like – meta description, title, and many more.

You also have to add keywords in the URL. This is very basic but important in which you have to add your main keyword in the URL and at the same time try to keep your heading small.

In placing your keyword, keep in mind that the presence of related words and phrases also matters.

So, try to optimize your article so that lots of keywords and phrases are included in it.

Then the question is –

How we can optimize our article in the best way possible?

The simple answer is write on a topic in which you are an expert, which means if you write on a case in which you are an expert, then chances are you will add lots of relevant words and phrases without even trying.

 But, what if you are not a matter expert.

Then there is a simple rule, in which you have to read lots of blogs.

This means, before writing on any topic, read about that topic as much you can and then try to give all information in your article.

But before writing, visit google, type your keyword and note down all the keywords you see in google’s suggestion.

To write the best article, put all your knowledge in one paper in an attractive way in your own words and add all those google suggestion keywords that you already note down.

But, there is more on On-Page SEO, and we talk about it later.

8. Try Build Email List.

This is one of the essential points that help in views and helps you get suggestions and improvement.

If you are a blogger, then you need readers.

You have a Facebook and Instagram page, and you think getting views from social media is the best and only way.

You are doing wrong because the followers and fan pages are not your true fan, and all your views (followers and fans) are under control.

Yes, all social media platforms control your reach, and if you read their terms and conditions, you understand that you and your pages are under their control.

But the best way to get actual and accurate viewers then Email is the word which we have to keep in mind.

Never Underestimate the power of Electronic Mail.

Yes, this is a world of social media, but today all marketers believe in Email more than any digital marketing mode.

The only answer to your why is because Email gives you more ROI than any digital marketing platform.

Then the question is –

How you can build your email list?

 To get an email list, this is important that they subscribe to your blog, and for that, you need two ingredients 1st is traffic, and 2nd is the value of your content.

If you write something valuable and people wants to read, you automatically get lots of traffic through social media, and if you keep all blogging tips in mind, then you can rank on google also.

When you get traffic, your value of content makes your viewers permanent, and you can get their emails.

You can also offer something like – Ebook (which you can make free of cost), ten daily tips & tricks on the topic your readers love, or anything like that for which they give Email in the email box of your website.

9. Write Regularly.

This is another vital point which you must have to add to your mind.

If you do keyword research from Ahref, then you must know about UR (URL Rating). If not, then understand that – this is ratting, which increase when you update your blog.

This means if you add something new to your blog, then the URL Ratting of your blog increases, and when you update any old blog post, then the URL rating of that old blog post is increases.

Google love websites that have higher URL Ratings.

If you update your old blogs regularly, then your blog becomes a collection of URLs with higher ratings.

If you add new content or a new blog to your website, then the homepage’s URL Rating will increases.

Overall, google love new and fresh content which people can relate to today’s date, and if you do what google love, then google will love your website.

I think you understand why adding content regularly is essential for any blog.

But, I also understand that sometimes it is hard to maintain a post frequency, and in such cases, you need to hire a content writer.

Yes, you can also write your own, but if you have a hectic schedule and cannot maintain the frequency of articles, then this is very wrong.

Maintaining the frequency of the posts also gives a higher URL Rating, which is one of the critical points in the ranking.

10. Promote your content on Online Platforms.

You want views, and after sharing on Facebook, you think why your thoughts are so less.

Isn’t it funny?

There are many online communities and platforms where you add your blog link or URL of your latest blogs.

Relevant online communities are places where you get a targeted audience, and for that, you have to write a minimum of ten online communities and share your latest article regularly.

You get targeted traffic regularly, and if you are sharing good values through your article, they can become your permanent subscriber through Email.

But before you start thinking to post in Reddit, forums, Slack, e.t.c. You have to understand that every platform is not like Facebook.

On the Facebook page, you share your article, and lots of people click on that URL, most of them not even read your article.

On other platforms, you get a real targeted audience, but getting many views from those platforms is not very easy.

Before you post on Reddit, slacks, and lots of forums, you have to understand that before sharing your blog link, you have to participate in discussions, offer genuine help, and become one of the active members of their platforms.

 If you plan to join some groups, drop your blog link, and leave, then don’t be surprised if you are banned. 

But if you want targeted and genuine traffic, then keep remembering that it will take time.

11. Write guest posts for other big blogs.

Before you jump to this point, just do an imagination in which think that all this blogging industry is an ocean.

Blogging is like an ocean of contents, websites, and all types of pieces of information that you search on google.

Big websites that you get in the top position when you search anything in google are like a Shark of this ocean, and websites that rank on some keywords or in less competitive keywords are like a Big Fish of this ocean. You are who just starting or beginners are like a Small fish of this ocean.

When a Shark of the ocean works with small fish or is your friend, you also rule this ocean, but this is very difficult.

Then the question is –

How to make a friendship with Shark of the ocean?

Guest Post is one way to make friendship with any blogger, or you can say that you can work together with other Blogger with the guest post.

This is one of the best ways to get views and become a ruler of this ocean.

Lots advise this of mentors and bloggers that don’t just write your blog. Follow other blogs and write for them also to drive traffic, links and build your brand.

But you are right if you are thinking –

Why They Let you do this?

It is true to think why any shark takes help from small fish.

Simple, most popular blogs are built on great content but creating great content is challenging. 

If you offer an excellent article and if your item has excellent and valuable content, everybody wants to take it for free without any effort.

If you give valuable and original content for their blog, they give you a guest post opportunity to write an article for them and add a link to your website.

In such away, you can increase your Domain Authority, and you write a guest post for which blog increase your value, and you rank on that topic.

Then the question is –

How you can find who need your Guest post?

This is very simple: the answer to all problem is “Google”.

If you want to know who needs your Guest Post, then just visit google and search  – (your topic) “write for us”, for example – fitness “write for us”.

When you search according to the above way, you get an extensive list of websites that need your guest posts. 

So, click on those results and try to show them why you are best in that field, and if they like to add your research and article, they allow you.

Keep in mind that all the results or websites you see when you check on google are the surface blogs that actively look for contributors for their website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Best Blogging Tips

·       What is a Blog?

The blog is a type of website used to generate leads and share information on google, and this is a platform where you can share your expertise and write articles to help others in your field.

·       How do I start a blog in 2021?

This is a very simple and steps by step process, points which you have to keep in mind are – 

1.     Choose a specific niche.

2.    Choose a platform to run your blog like – Blogger or WordPress.

3.    Customize your blog and article in the best way possible and keep it user-friendly.

4.    Create a strategy to share high-quality content on google regularly.

5.    When you get good enough traffic on your blog, apply for ads on your blog and earn well enough money.

·       How much money does a beginner blogger make?

There is no complicated and direct answer to this question, but many people can make $500 to $2000 money per month after one year of a blogging journey.

·       What is the best platform for blogging?

If you are a beginner, then Blogger will be the best platform for you to start your first ever blog, but if you can invest money, then WordPress will be the best platform for your blog. 

Currently, Wix’s name is also in trend to start a blog. 

The simple answer is if you want to start your blog for business, WordPress will be the best option, and if you’re going to start as a hobby, then Blogger or Wix will be the best platform. 

Some tools for Blogging.

There are some tools in the market which help you to grow your blog or website. In this industry you have to be regular and do lots of things in a most effective way possible.

As we know there are lots of problems in writing attractive and rank able articles with perfect SEO and this problem make some companies, which provides you tool.

Tools which increase your productivity in blogging is given below.

Below I talk about two famous tools which you must need if you want to increase your productivity.

If you want to see the effect of your work, then it is important to work according to research and for this, you need tools.

If you are a beginner, before investing any penny in blogging, you have to invest in the tools given below.


If you are in the blogging field, then this is the tool which you can’t ignore. This tool is one of the best and popular devices which help you to increase your ranking.

Ahref is software which you can download for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and site audit.

This tool is top-rated because this is one of the best tools that genuinely help you increase your ranking.


I think now you understand the importance of effective writing in blogging. Blogging is all about writing the information in the best way.

When you want to write English, grammar is a crucial part that can make your writing effective and attractive or ineffective and boring.

If you want to write best, this tool helps you write the best vocabulary, mistake-free grammar, and check your punctuation and other effective points.

This tool is available free of cost, but that free version is not more effective. But if you can’t afford the premium version, then it is essential to use the free version to write in the best way possible.

Last Words on Blogging Tips.

If you reach this section, then I think you read the whole article carefully, and now you are ready for your blog.

All the blogging tips for beginners are essential, which makes your blogging journey smooth.

If this article solves all your queries and you understand all points regarding the blog, the content idea of a blog, readers of your blog, and the best way to engage your readers, they must give your feedback.

If this article is helpful and clears your all points, do not forget to share it with your friends.

By Mannat Raj

Let me introduce my self quickly,

I’m Mannat Raj

The part-time Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and Entrepreneur.

I’m a 12-year-old part-time blogger. I love to do blogging and share knowledge with others.

I’m Indian and by qualification, I’m a student but a passionate blogger and affiliate marketer by heart.

Currently, I’m working on many other affiliate blogs and earning a decent amount of money online from that.

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