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Best Freelancer Sites: How to Find a freelancer for your project in 2021.

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You want to get your work done on time, or you want to work for someone online and earn money online, the concern is how to find the perfect Freelancer for your project, which is the best freelancer sites, from which you need someone to work for you, and you are ready to pay for that.

Then Freelancer is the word which you are searching for. 

But, if the concern is how to find the perfect Freelancer for your project, then you are in the right place.

I am worked as a freelancer for two years, and now I am providing projects to other Freelancers as a business.

So, you can trust me because I am one of the experienced members of this industry. 

Before we dig deep inside this topic, I want to make some points clear about the future of freelancing.

If you are a freelancer, then I think you understand the “gig economy” and its growing. 

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The number of self-employed people was increasing rapidly; according to the research of 2016, more than 15 million people were self-employed in America, and this figure is expected to rise in 2020.

 That’s good news for new entrepreneurs.

If you also need skilled professionals but do not have enough money to take them as workers in your new business, then a freelancing site will help you.

Freelancing sites are developed for the persons who want a skilled team in a budget and for the person who wants to work from home according to their own space and time. 

However, working with a freelancer can be challenging, and you may be frustrated, but if you follow some given tips of this article, you end up with a great experience. 

Thinking of hiring a Freelancer?

Before reading this section, answer some simple questions like – 

Is your work piling up on your desk? You need some specialized skills to do your project? Does your workflow is not regular, but currently, you have too much work? You want to get your project done but not able to hire a full-time employee?

A freelancer is a word which is the answer of all your challenge. But don’t worry. Searching, hiring, and managing a freelancer is not tough, especially when you read this article.

You just need to find a good freelancing platform and need to understand some tips to manage the right Freelancer and work is done.

Why are Companies Hiring Freelancers?

One of the obvious answers to this question is the Corona period. This is when most of the companies lose their profit, and that’s why they need to hire a skilled person but not on a full-time, full-time salary.

Another answer to this question is Technology, freelancing is the best example of Technology because through this process you can find the best-skilled persons from all over the world at an affordable price.

You can also say that when anybody starts a business, they have to focus on many things, which can divert them from their core strength.

That’s why not only gaint companies but small businesses, startups, micro-businesses, with solopreneurs, as a blogger, speaker, coaches, are also finding freelancers to help them. So, they can focus only on their core strength.

How to find a Freelancer for your project?

This is one of the important questions you must have to ask before setting your project for freelance.

No one wants to waste time and money on an unreliable freelance platform and unreliable Freelancer.

So, to find the best Freelancer for your project, you have to focus on two things, first – the best freelancing platform, and second – understanding and managing the right Freelancer.

And you get both in this article.

So, make your project ready because, after this article, you can get great experience in this gig economy. 

Below I provide the five best freelance websites through which you can make clear that from where you should hire great freelancers in 2021.

5 Best Freelancing Websites to Hire Great Freelancer in 2021.

This is the section where you get a list of the top five websites where you can hire good skilled and reliable Freelancers, and these websites are known for their work.


The main features of this website are – 

  • The most budget-friendly platform
  • Easy to use help and support
  • Wide range of job types available
  • 100% safe payment system.

Fiverr is one of the most popular names in freelancing. This website gives you more than 200 categories in one platform. One thing which makes it best is the cheap price.

This means this may be the only website where you can get your done at $5 and also in $5000. Yes, you can hire a professional for any job you need for as little as $5.

So, if you choose this freelance platform, then one thing you can keep in your mind that you never get hit with a big invoice at the end of work.

You can set your price before hiring a freelancer, and if you give a project and do not hear back anything from your Freelancer within 24 hours after the project starts, you can cancel your project, and you do not have to pay any single penny.

Another thing you love about Fiverr is easiness, and this website seems very easy and attractive, which makes your search work easy. 

On Fiverr, you get a rating system that considers delivery time, customer satisfaction, and service quality. So, with the help of a rating system, you able to find your hidden gems.


features of 99designs freelancing platform are – 

  • The best platform to hire designers
  • Wide range of design type
  • You can pick from multiple options.
  • Options to select the best designer to work with

This is a freelancing site that is mostly famous for designers. If your project is related to designs, you must choose this website for your work.

There are two ways to work with 99designs – first, search for a designer to hire them, or second, run a contest to get your designer.

When you ran a contest for a design project, quickly, you get designers on the quality of entries you received without any effort. 

You have to pay money up front to the company, and when your work is done, and you become satisfied with the work, then your money will transfer to the designer. 

The support system of this freelancing platform is very best, and you get solutions to all your problem on time with great response and helpful customer care.


Features of Upwork freelance platform are – 

  • Dest choice for long-term projects.
  • Detailed search options
  • Work diary feature to check your progress
  • Their pro plan is good value for high-volume projects.

Upwork is another most famous freelancing platform used by many people from all over the world.

The best part of this website is you can search for your Freelancer, and you can also post a job and let people apply for your project.

The job posting process in which people apply to you sounds very interesting, but according to me, this is a little complicated because you have to submit an eight-page form.

So, if you have a genuine company with enough members as a team and you like to post your job, so people apply to you, then you can do this, and your time will save.

But, I think searching for a freelancer in Upwork is a more easy and interesting process. 

Another best part of this platform is you can search Freelancer by the job success percentage. 

Once you are set up on the site, you will be impressed with the wide range of freelancer skills and prices on the site. This platform makes it easy to work with freelancers with the features of scheduling chats, send messages, exchange files, and give feedback.

When you receive your work and approve the work you are satisfied with, only payment will be released to the Freelancer.

So, overall this website is best, and you can choose this site to find a freelancer for your project in 2021.

Design Crowd.

Features of Design Crowd are – 

  • Great for one-off projects for small businesses
  • Offer a wide range of designs and categories.
  • 60-days money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 support.

This is another one of the best freelancing websites which you can use to get your work done. 

On this website, you get 750,000 designers, and due availability of a huge number of designers, you can choose the perfect Freelancer who matches your style.

Before start, your work you have to select a package, and the price of that package will depend on the number of submissions you want, and then post brief information about your project for three to ten days. 

Because of the affordable price, this freelancing site gains a limelight of popularity in very few days. If you are an owner of small businesses with occasional design needs, then this site will be the perfect choice for you.

The process of work in DesignCrowd is similar to 99designs, which means you can search for a designer and work one-on-one or run a contest to find a designer according to your need.

I recommend running a contest to check which designer has the skill to work according to your style.

Freelancer. com

Features of Freelancer website are – 

  • A great choice for international companies or international freelancers.
  • Easy to navigate and easy to use.
  • Wide range of templates to start a project
  • Free to post lots of projects. is one of the unforgettable names in this gig economy, this website is very popular, and you can understand this by knowing the facts that is – is the home of freelancers from 250+ countries. 

But this website has come after Fiverr and Upwork in terms of a wide range of freelancers.

I use this site, and I found this very easy to navigate and post a job. This site is also working like another freelancing site in which you can either create a project and post so other Freelancers will apply or search for freelancers manually.

Creating a job project to post on a site is a very tedious process, but made it simple, and you can create your project by using a pre-designed template on this site.

This site is time-saving and helps you think about terms and skills you want to consider in your project. 

So, free of cost, this freelancing platform helps you find the best Freelancer for your project.

Now, before moving further in this article, I will give you some tips on how to find and manage the right Freelancer.

5 Tips to find and manage Freelancer.

This is a small list that clears all your queries related to finding a freelancer for your project.

However, these tips are not very difficult, and with this help, you never end up with the wrong person in the freelance industry.

1. Pick the right Freelancer for the job.

When peoples are searching for Freelancers, the most common question they think in mind is less price.

In search of a Freelancer in less price, they hire a man who has very little knowledge of your project, but he or she shows their confidence in such a way that you never doubt.

Unfortunately, their confidence gives them a job or a gig but takes your money in the garbage.

So, never hesitate to invest time on freelancing sites. Some platforms like – Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, provides you a big pool of talented freelancers. 

Before giving the job, ask the right questions related to your project to your candidates. Always look for specialists. Of course, they charge more money but try to increase your budget as long as possible. 

Don’t afraid to ask for some recommendations and work samples. Before hiring any freelancer, review their portfolio very carefully and understand their experience through portfolio and work samples.

When you want to hire a freelancer for SEO of your business website, writer, or a freelancer for marketing, always try to keep your budget high and always try to choose the best one, matter how popular or highly rated they are.

Treat the Freelancer as a skilled professional.

Not compare your Freelancer with in-house employees. Think that this is a person who is an expert in that specific skill. So, appreciate what the Freelancer does for you. 

Before giving appreciation to your Freelancer, make it clear that what you need, your expectations from them, and your timeliness, and other important aspects of the project.

Agree on the scope, fee, and major deadline.

In freelancing, fees and deadlines are some of the major points which you must have to consider.

The best way to successfully manage a project is to make your Freelancer agree on the essential terms and conditions before beginning the work.

Tell them about the scope of your project to avoid misunderstandings and scope creeps.

Another critical element of hiring the best Freelancer is the fee. Make sure you understand the appropriate and legitimate range of fees for the work you are outsourcing.

Respect their boundaries and independence.

Managing a freelancer is very one of the important parts which you can’t ignore.

Most of the time, the client conflicts with their Freelancer because they do not understand that they are not the only client of that Freelancer.

You should have to respect their boundaries and independence they are working as a freelancer because they want to work according to their space and freedom and if you are their client, you have to respect this.

It is not always possible for any freelancer to reply to your queries immediately, so it is your responsibility not to work according to their choice. 

Many freelancers prefer written communication over telephone calls because of security purposes, or they do not want to disturb their workflow. 

If possible, then always try to limit and respect these boundaries to make good relations with this field expert person.

Forge a long-term relationship with the right Freelancer.

When you understand your actual need and understand what is a good amount for your work and with the hard work you can find your right Freelancer, then your work is not over here.

You should try to establish long-term relations with the Freelancer who performs successfully in your project. Coming back to these freelancers in the future, when you present more projects to yourself, this relationship saves you lots of time, energy, and money.

When you keep a relationship with a specialized skill and experienced person of your industry, then, in the long run, this helps your team and your business.

Now, all the points are completed, and I think you understand some best freelancing platforms and how to choose the right Freelancer, and how to manage them.

But, there is still something missing, and therefore, I am going to write some more points for finding a freelancer for your project.

What You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Freelancer.

If you need to get the right Freelancer at less price and save most of your money and protect yourself from unnecessary stress and frustration for your Freelancer.

So, below you get a small list through which you can learn how to start looking for a freelancer in 2021.

What task do you need to complete?

This is one of the most important factors you need to consider: make it clear in your mind that what you need. 

And try to explain your needs as simply as possible pointwise. 

Before hiring any freelancer, make it clear to them what you need in the finished project, and when your need meets according to your choice, only you accept the project. 

What skills does the Freelancer need?

This is a question that you have to ask yourself and put all these points in your project or gig description: Do they need to know how to use certain tools like Word, Excel, or WordPress? Do they need the experience to do your work? All other traits which you need in Freelancer add them in your description.

What resources do they need?

If you want to get your work done in a good manner with wonderful results, then you also have to do something for them.

Yes, before giving any project, check whether they need any resources or starting point for this work or not. Try to provide them some examples of work which you need in your project.

When you give an example, presentation, email, logo, photo, or anything through which they get a starting point of the work, then chances are you get a good result.

Who will be the contact person?

When you choose any freelancer, then there is a contact person provided by the company, but you also contact Freelancer.

So, it is important to understand who will be the contact person. 

The success of the project heavily depends on the contact person’s ability to contact, so they can support and give all answers and needs of Freelancer to complete your project.

What is the review process?

When your work is done, then how you review the work is also important to both the client and Freelancer.

There is a chance that you do not like the project for the first time, but it is important to mention who will review this project and in the review of the project which part is most important and which part is secondary.

Try to make all processes more organized to get a good result.

What is the schedule?

In any project, time plays an important role. All the freelancers used deadlines, and there is a 99% chance that you get your work done before the deadline. 

When you create a schedule for your project, then you include time for reviews and revisions in this period and also add few extra days in your hand – if any misshaping will happen for that.

How Do I Hire a Freelancer?

Once you find a freelancer who works on your project, then this is not the end. This is the beginning.

Remember Freelancer is an expert of that business and works to give your project according to your need. So, a freelancer is more than just a profile. 

If you find a freelancer on a site and hire them directly off the platform to save your money, then doing this is against the policy of hiring sites.

Some popular platforms like Upwork will ban you from the site as a penalty.

To save some dollars, you may end up with fraud if you do not work as a policy. Remember terms and conditions of these freelancing platform is made for your safety and security.

Once you find a freelancer who fits perfectly according to your need, this is a time to take the next step.

Communicate with the Freelancer.

When you choose your Freelancer from a pool of talent, then communicate with the Freelancer through the messaging system, which you easily get in any freelancing platform. 

It is highly recommended to have a long conversation if your project is important and big.

Check Availability.

Before giving a job, you must check the Freelancer’s availability because any freelancer who is fully loaded with the client is not going to take your project that needs 20 hours each week.

It is recommended to talk to that Freelancer and tell them about your project and his time you need for your project.

Talk about the project and expectations.

In the conversation, always try to talk more about the project and tell your Freelancer what you expect as a result and your milestones in this project’s journey.

Find out if their personality, strengths, and weaknesses are not matched.

In communication, try to find out the personality of that Freelancer, which means trying to find this Freelancer is punctual, a man of his own words, the core strengths, and the main weakness of this Freelancer.

The answer to all these questions gives you proper information about Freelancer, and then you can expect the result of your project.

Have the Freelancer take a test.

This is also an important point which you must have to do that takes a test. It is a fact that all projects are not for all freelancers.

Many platforms give you an option to take a test, and this is also a good way to make sure the Freelancer is up to the job or not.

Now I think you understand all the points carefully, and if you focus on all the points I discussed above, then there is a 100% guarantee that you get good results in your project.

Frequently  Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I find freelance projects?

If you search on google or in this article, you also get a list of websites like – Fiverr, Upwork, and many more who are looking for freelancers, and through this website, you can get jobs in your category if the client chooses you for their work.

How do I find the right Freelancer?

There are some steps when you follow them, then you can find the right Freelancer for your work, and those steps are given below.

Step 1 – Choose the right freelancing platform.

Step 2 – Pick the right Freelancer from the pool of talent from that freelancing platform.

Step 3 – Treat the Freelancer as a skilled professional and appreciate them for their work.

Step 4 – Communicate them and try to learn about their personality, experience, and all-important trait which you need.

Step 5 – Agree with them on deadlines, fees, and your expected results.

Step 6 – Respect their boundaries and independence and provide them all resources, space, and independence to work.

Which is the best platform to choose Freelancer?

There are many freelancing platforms available nowadays, but Fiverr, Upwork and are the leading platforms in this business.

How do I find a Freelancer on Fiverr?

This is very easy when you reach the website of Fiverr. You can see all the filters you can set to find the right Freelancer according to your need.  

Last Words

If you reach this section, then I think you read the whole article carefully, and now you are ready and understand how to find a freelancer for your project. 

If this article will help you and you understand all the important facts through which you can check which is the best platform for freelancing and if after this article you able to choose the best Freelancer and manage them then point of this article is complete.

This article is trying to give you whole detailed information on finding a freelancer for a project in 2021. If you can understand this, then do not forget to share this article and, if possible, then try to give your valuable comment below this article.

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