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Best Dropshipping Companies in India

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Nowadays online businesses are more popular due to the ease to sell or advertise your product with low investment and no need for a storage location. In online business, dropshipping create the main role to sell product and here also easy to interact with customers. There are more benefits as compare to offline business. 

 Now the importance of Dropshipping is high because it gives easy to do your business online and it favorable to customers. When you want an offline store you must need a high budget and a warehouse to store your products/niche but in dropshipping, you can start your own online business without a warehouse and no need to store dropshipping us more helpful to beginner to start a business with your requirements.

Due to the ease of doing business by creating Dropshipping websites, Dropshipping is more popular among online businesses and retail businesses. It is also a B2C (business to customers) can’t also provide shipping costs, that provided by the suppliers.

 There are no. Dropshipping companies are found today and it is also the future most demandable business.

 Different Dropshipping companies give different services on different products. 

 They supply their products through different drop shippers. Here we informed you about some of the best Dropshipping companies and I hope this article will helpful to you. If you want to succeed in Dropshipping then you must follow the mention companies and their strategy of how to Dropshipping.

What is Dropshipping

What is Dropshipping

In Dropshipping, doing online business is so easy due to less investment and very minimum requirements. By this method, a supplier supplies its products and get to the customer easily. Due to the chain process of Dropshipping suppliers have easy to reach a maximum number of customers. in this method, first of all, a customer buys something after seeing your products and decided to buy from your website and then claim that product. The drop shipper gets the order of that product that is chosen by the customer. After that drop shipper contacts the supplier and gives the all information about the customer. Then the supplier supplies the product what they want directly without going through a drop shipper.

Benefits of Dropshipping 

Less investment

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

In this process of online business, a customer easily stands for a business with low investment and get high profit. When you want to create a new business but do haven’t sufficient money to start a store online, then you should create a Dropshipping website on the internet. There is also no requirement for a warehouse to store products Or inventory on an online Dropshipping website. It is a website where you can easily earn lots with very little money and less effort.

Easy to start

If you want to start a business but you have not interested in doing this physically. Then Dropshipping is the right choice to start your business. 

 There is no requirement for a warehouse for storing of product that you want to sell.

For packing and shipping of product, we need some manpower, but here no need for manpower because suppliers supply that product.

‌ ‌the order of product is continual.

Flexible location

 In this business, it gives any time any location service to customer and customer also buy something any time anywhere and any location. This gives a 24/7 service. If the communication between the supplier and you is very well then delivery of product also very easy.

Best Dropshipping Companies Options to Consider:

 1. AliExpress

 2. Oberlo

 3. SaleHoo

 4. Wholesale2b

 5. Inventory Source 

 6. Shopify

 7. Worldwide Brand


If you are starting a dropshipping business, you must try AliExpress supplier. AliExpress is the best place to purchase small quantities well. If you are using AliExpress supplier you can make a good margin of profile. It’s giving you buyer protection.

If you are buying first time from AliExpress you should buy from an established seller (Top Rated Smaller). Before buying the product you should follow

 1. Feedback score

 2. Positive feedback

 3. Number of Product orders and feedback

 4. Read complete item details/description

 5. Seller guarantee

 6. Think twice for a low price

 7. Avoid free shipping

 8. Don’t open a dispute before receiving the items

AliExpress works on online Products Basically, on AliExpress you can find any kind of product. Here Clint easily finds any product.

On the website, all articles are divided into different categories, in order, these are the most popular product categories explored by users:

  • Jewelry
  •  Sporting goods
  •  Beauty and health
  •  Gardening goods
  •  Home appliances
  •  Consumer electronics
  •  Shoes and accessories
  •  Motorcycle and car accessories
  •  Clothing for men, women, and children
  •  Cell phones and telecommunications

AliExpress Details:-

 Owner -Alibaba Group

 URL –

 Launched – 2010

 Founded – 4 April 1999; 21 years ago (Alibaba Group)

 Founder – Jack Ma

 Headquarters – No. 969 West Wen Yi Road[1],

 Area served – Worldwide

 Products – Motorcycle, computing, Home appliances, media, Films TV, shows, cell phone, etc


 Oberlo is a Dropshipping automation platform it allows online merchants to import any kind of products directly into Shopify stores and you can ship them directly to your customers through a centralized dashboard. E-commerce platform helps to manage bulk orders, your inventory, Product and sales report, and more.

Oberlo is the Free toolkit. It will help you start and grow your own business. It is the key to a vertical warehouse packed with the product from hundreds of supplies. Electronics, fashion, beauty, toys, Online training, Cloth, and every product.

Oberlo’s dropshipping app helps to add your products to your dropshipping website and you can customize their details and that was ready to sell. You don’t want to worry about packaging and shipping. You have to invest your time with their marketing and sales and grow your business.

Benefits of Oberlo’s:-

 1. Add multiple users to your Dropshipping website (you can add your staff and manager to guide your dropshipping website or business). And scale your business.

2. You can use this app in over 6 languages English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Brazilian.

3. You can clear your dought any time. You will get access to 24/7 costume support (you can ask anything about your dropshipping website)

4. Get access to the tools and the tricks you need to start your own online dropshipping business.

5. You are getting a free chrome extension and you can add AliExpress product to your dropshipping website within some clicks.

6. Oberlo help you find the right product to sell on your dropshipping website. Oberlo always helps you choose your winning product. Inventory and Price Auto-Updates in real-time. 

 Bulk Orders

7. You can Customize Your Listings here. You can edit any product photos, edit product descriptions and titles, and give your store a personalized vibe, so customers love coming back to your store.

8. You can track any product

 Be in full control of your orders. You no need to take any risk about shipping or handling them, but you’ll know their status at all times.

9. Affiliate Program

 You can earn a lot of commission with each product you sell on Oberlo using your Admitad affiliate ID.

Oberlo details:-

 Located in Germany

 Oberlo pricing starts at $29.90 per month.

 Oberlo offers a free trial (You can use the free version)

 Founded- 2006(14 years ago)

 Location – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

 Founders – Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, Scott Lake

 Headquarters – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

 Area served – Worldwide


 Salehoo one of the most popular dropshipping company on the internet. Every wholesaler, drop shippers, the manufacture is taking the fantastic item to recent and there getting more profit from that.

You can easily start your dropshipping or wholesale model for your e-commerce business.

 SaleHoo allows you to reach out to suppliers, who can fulfill and ship that order to your customer. It’s a popular model for the first time in e-commerce.

As a dropshipping business owner, the biggest problem is facing trust in a supplier. But in SaleHoo you no need to worry about this. In SaleHoo all are verified suppliers. You don’t need to operate a warehouse and avoid the overhead you have to focus on Marketing and sales only and grow your business. You can avoid the possibility of the back supplier in Salehoo. If you join now you will get instant access.

Benefits of SaleHoo:-

1. Whenever you have joined on SaleHoo you are getting an unlimited access to the compressive supplier so that you can find your best supplier on SaleHoo and you can make a great profit.

2. You can Operate with just a laptop and an internet connection this SaleHoo

3. You can get more profit from SalesHoo because you are getting a very margin Product, with high revenue potential and you don’t have to spend initial investment and no need to manage the inventory material and tools.

4. No need to hire more staff and scale your business quickly all the difficult work is done by the supplier and no need to take any risk. The only year to purchase that product from your supplier who can you have made a sale.

5. The SaleHoo updating their daily blog for guides you to answer about drop shipping, finding niche items to sell and insider all the queries and how to use new tools, eBay and Shopify selling tricks.

SaleHoo Details:-

 SaleHoo base pricing starts at $12.00 per month.

 Founded In 2005

 Service area-Worldwide

 Products Types- Wholesale Directory, Market Research Lab, SaleHoo Stores, Online Selling Tactics

 Founder- Simon Slade & Mark Ling

 Headquarter-Christchurch, New Zealand


 Wholesale2B is the best Dropshipping supplier and it’s an e-commerce inventory and order management system Wholesale2B has over 1 million products and they had more than 100 Dropshipping companies from China and the USA. Any user can access this directory and freely.

Wholesale2b gives you the best-automated solutions and connects to you in the popular marketplace. You can maximize your profile with wholesale price through this platform.

 You can add products to your watch list you will gen massage when they are going low on the inventory. If you want to sell through online MW

eBay or amazon best for you and you can sell through the online marketplace. in 

 If you want to sell through an online marketplace, if you have a website you can pay for wholesale2b to provide you a data feed of the product.

If you don’t have any website to sell Online Wholesale2b has a plan where it will build one for you. You can easily play 16 direct from the website admin dashboard this feature cancer your lot of time especially if you don’t have a website of your own it also offers same-day shipping.wholesale2b you can use freely the free plan, but it has a monthly and yearly plan. The yearly price was low and you can save a lot of money.

Wholesale2b Details:-

 CEO – Peter C.

 You can register freely

 Address – Onlinestorebiz LLC

 500 North Rainbow Blvd, Suite 300 91

 Las Vegas, Nevada, 89107

Inventory Source 

 It is also the best dropshipping company among all companies having more than one million different products from different sources of different hundred of suppliers. It gives lots of features in their service that mentioned below that are wanted by customers It can also provide a service of giving your feedback on the quality and quantity of their products and they can also show their review box with customers real text and images. You can also choose your product by seeing the review of different customers.

 In inventory Source, you can also create your website if you haven’t one.

Inventory sources also give you different plans. you can also check their supplier’s work with them. If you purchase a free plan of them then they give you to access their product list of suppliers and you can direct contact with the supplier and you will manage your order also what you want.

It can’t give the complete catalog of available products on their website, if you want to access all available products on their site then you should purchase their plan. You can also build your relationship with the supplier then an inventory source can help you.

Full Automation services start at $175 per month. 

Inventory Automation services start at $50 per month.

It also has lots of drawbacks, that is you can charge different for a different supplier, don’t show all products that are available on their site, it should be paid for purchase som something.

In this website mages and descriptions should be designed like 3D and use a powerful tool to attract customers.

here they monitor costumers feed daily, providing updates on prices, quantities, and statues for their products. 

You can start your purchase from today.

Features of inventory sources

You can also find your supplier what you like.

They can also provide a review of products & images to their site

Freedom to choose of price, quantity & status for all products.

Customize categories and prices simply.

Inventory source Details:- 

 Kelly Dyer | CEO

 Service area-Worldwide

 Products Types- Wholesale Directory, Market Research Lab, SaleHoo Stores, Online Selling

 Address – 320 1st St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, United States


 You can easily choose your product with trust. It gives more focus on marketing and growing their store. You can easily be doing your order manually with a simple task

 Dropified changes the problem of the finding of thousands of orders. How would DROPIFIE change it?

More edit of products in dropped & existing products in your store. Organized wish lists by the customer in dropped and reference them for later. Add products available in the US from Alli express. In this automating, you can save time and money as much as possible. Easily fulfilled your Orders within some time and some click. If you can want to see a product then that is automatically applied mark up. You can also track your product automatically the app works in the background

They can give better service of 80+ product catalogs with thousands of products to choose from the source of high quality, 

 faster from AliExpress, Amazon, overstock eBay,, and Walmart more with a single click.

Features of Shopify

‌without any hassle customize, Track and manage orders

‌Fulfilled of easy to order and change suppliers

‌you can easily add your supplier and change your supplier if their stock runs out

It should add a custom tracking of URLs that get sent to your customers.

You should add order notes for preventing them from sending promotional material and price.

Power up Dropified with additional paid addons

products from AliExpress and eBay suppliers together and fulfill with 1-click

‌it gives automatic product alerts and price changes alert that sent directly to you [AliExpress]

‌By using a 3D background removal tool we can easily remove background from your product images

Click on the add app button by scroll up started (with one of our 14-Day FREE Trial Plans) Unlock our amazing features and truly automate Dropship Business


 CEO – Chase Bowers
 Address – 1430 Gadsden Hwy #116 Unit #110, Birmingham, AL 35235, United States

Worldwide Brands- all-time accessible

In 19999, Worldwide Brands (or WWB) is founded in Florida. This company is classified as a wholesale directory service that connects to millions of products and thousands of suppliers. It can’t supply the product directly to the customer and not sell anything. It can only provide the publisher of retailing product information is certified exclusively by eBay.

There are millions of products and thousands of suppliers for connecting to customers a one-time fee. when you get access to the service of that you have to get an opportunity to work with all supplier without any limation. You have the option to drop ship products directly to the customers or buy the products in large amounts and ship them.

Who is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands provides a service that you want, it is important to drop your ship to the customers.

Worldwide Brands looking to start a business in two ways

1. Dropshipping (it is a third party business, here customers claim a product from drop shipper’s website then drop shipper transfer the order to the supplier after that supplier supply the product directly to the customer.

2. Wholesale (in this platform, you can provide service of large-scale purchase. In this model wholesalers purchase in a larger amount from a warehouse directly to the customers.) 

 It is the most important business to geared towards beginners with very little startup capital with the option of two for experience beginners need better profit margins, but not afraid to take more risk for buying products. 

3. Recent study shows that 21-34% of online seller use drop shipping to fill their orders and 85% of online sellers give your review on their products and it is helpful to the e-commerce business.

4. Only Dropshipping is not profitable their marketing also much important and when your marketing is easily done then you can run your business. Dropshipping is a good alternative to buying products in large. The main advantages of the dropshipping business include

 1.Low cost Supplier ships items on your behalf No upfront purchase of products


Dropshipping is the trending e-commerce platform to start a business or store on the internet. The value of this method is going high. Most beginners attracted to this platform due to the easy to start an online store with low investment and very little effort. Buying a product offline is very hard as compared to online. If someone has a social enzymatic problem then they want to buy online not offline. 

 Now a day the situation is very crucial due to pandemics. Then most of the customers want a safe and clean service. So they buy their goods online. That’s why most of the companies are interested to start a business on the internet and going to choose this. 

 In the digital India scheme, 2015, our country should be digital by working on the internet. Because most of the country can raise its economy. As our country is low in economically weak so we must rise it and if you want to succeed this then you need to start a business through the internet and dropshipping is the best way to start your business. 

 In this article, we are educated and give information about some best dropshipping companies and their details. You should be following them also if you want. We can also inform you how to start a dropshipping website in our other article if you want then checkout on our website.

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